Tarotscopes 17th June 2018 June 17 2018


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You will have an opportunity to begin again! This may be a revival of an old relationship or friendship, or it could be a chance to begin your studies again, but in a totally new direction! Try and take up every opportunity you can which will let you go back to something but take it further this time. This is also a good time to start a new job or move house!


Hold on tight to all you have this week! Your home, your family and particularly your money! You may be feeling how fragile your situation is, but it is simply life and some changes are needed to push you further forward and to grow as a person and as a spiritual being. This week, follow your intuition, ask yourself why you suddenly feel insecure, you will find the answers coming to you easily if you do.


You will find this week that you want results! You may have inspirational ideas, but your focus will be on getting the outcome you desire. This is a week of action, one in which you can take giant leaps forward in your ideas, your life and your personal development. Question is will you put in the effort when you get the chance?


This week you will have a chance to regain some balance in your life! You have probably been torn in two directions which will have been draining. Now it is time for you to concentrate on you and re-establishing your own well-being. If you have a legal matter ongoing then you will receive good news this week, if you have no legal issues then beware you may get a parking fine or a speeding ticket!


This will be a wonderful week for you, one in which you will feel full of the joys of summer! This will be a great feeling and many of you will also connect at a deeper level with someone special or meet someone new! You will feel as if the sun is shining on you, and as you know when the sun shines the shadows in your life retreat! A great week make the most of it!


This may be a difficult week for you! You could feel like your path is blocked with each turn you take. Try not to get frustrated, when you feel as if things can’t get any worse then you will know that the only way is up! Try and be positive and if you do keep hitting brick walls, then ask yourself is this really for me? Sometimes a change in focus is needed.                                                                             


You may feel a little edgy this week, especially as the week begins. You may face a new situation which could make you feel a little nervous. This is good as it means you are challenging yourself, that you are pushing yourself which will inevitably set you free!  You will succeed in this new task you have set yourself and you will feel liberated from old limitations which are holding you back.


This week you will be your own worst enemy! You will create issues where there are none and your mind will play tricks on you! Do be careful that you do not create real-life problems for yourself by your twitchiness which may express itself as paranoia or possessiveness. These feelings will pass next week, try and stay calm and keep busy.


You will have been plan, plan, plan recently! Now is the time to put your plans into action! Most importantly you will now know your limitations, this means you will have a guideline in which to work which will add to your potential for success. A message about finances will bring good news, so it will be all systems go for you! No more prevaricating!


You are passing through a creation phase this week! This means that you will see plenty of synchronicities and signs as you are making choices. When you see number sequences or animals or birds around you, then know that you are on the right path. This week you could create the foundation for the coming years. Remember to be careful what you wish for!


You will be socialising more this week than normal, this will be great fun and very good for you! At the moment, you may not have plans, but as the week progresses will find that you are out more than you are in! Teamwork will be fun, and the more time that you spend with others the happier you will become. This is a week to laugh more than you have in a long while!


Your week will be filled with vivacity, adventure and action! This will be in varying degrees for each of you, depending on your circumstances and abilities, but the more outgoing and daring you can be, the better your week will be! Try new things and meet new people, if you are offered an invitation accept it and take a chance!