Tarotscopes 17th February 2019 February 17 2019

The February Full Moon is super powerful, and lots of you will be feeling its energy already. If you are struggling, feeling anxious, having peculiar dreams, feeling out of sorts or having strange aches and pains. If you are being affected you may find a Moon Energy Reading helps you. Click here for some more information. 


This is a unique week for you as you will have an opportunity to regain your balance ready for Spring! Your home will mean a lot to you and you could be inspired to begin your Spring cleaning a little early, as this will lift your vibration and make it feel a nicer place to be. If you are awaiting a legal decision, then this week you will receive the news you have been waiting for.


Your mind will be drifting towards your hopes and dreams this week and you may have trouble focusing on the mundane tasks you need to complete. It is like you have suddenly found your direction, but you have not yet succeeded in making this your reality. In a relationship, your distraction may be matched by your partner and this could cause friction.


Have you been pretending that everything is ok in your life when deep down you are feeling differently? This week you will begin to question your choices, some of which you will have made because you required the security you have rather than change. Take your time, try not to make hasty decisions.  If something is not working, try and add extra effort, or communication, before walking away.


You will have the chance to begin something new this week! For some of you, this will be a romance, for others, it will be work related, a new hobby or fitness routine. Whatever it is for you, you will fully embrace the idea and enjoy learning and moving forward. If you are thinking of starting a new business venture, then this is a green light for you


This week you will be in your true glory! You will be straightforward, unyielding and uncompromising when faced with something you are passionate about. There will be no grey areas in your communications this week, you will say what you mean and not hold back. Speaking your mind is something you are good at, and you will feel empowered by tapping into your leadership skills.


You will have some lovely success this week, you will feel proud and so you should! Your home and family will feature largely, and you will be creative and inspiring when you get some family time. A trip may be getting planned, this will involve some historical visits as well as relaxation, and you will enjoy the planning as much as the traveling.


A busy week lies ahead! You may feel like you are drained, but if you embrace all the action then you will thoroughly enjoy yourself! Whatever you choose to do this week, make sure you find gratitude for the opportunity, as even if you think it is a trial, it really is a blessing in disguise! You may need to juggle your money as well, but don’t worry you will do this well.



You will feel in control of your life this week. It is like you will sit on your throne and survey your personal empire and feel proud. This will be a very lucky week for you, you could find something you have lost as well, and that will be a bonus! Now you are on top of things, do a little a day to stay that way! This will be a nice week for you, and one in which you will not feel overwhelmed by anything


You will feel omnipresent! You could even feel like you are in touch with the divine and the rest of humanity! This sounds very grandiose, but it is how you should be feeling this week, as you are working hard towards your goals, and you are due to have a bit of luck. A new door is opening for you, you know you are ready, and your time is now.


Your week should be spent reviewing your past and planning your future! Financial planning will be very important and reviewing where you are up to will give you a clue to what you need to do. You have plans, but they will require money, this week you will work out how much you need and if you are wise, you will make a plan on how you will get it!


You will find that this week people will confide in you! You will be surprised by someone who is normally reserved, who will open up to you and how emotional this will make you! You may have judged another a bit hastily, and this week you will realise that you have made a mistake. A man who cares about you very much will want to talk to you, try and make time!


You will face a choice this week, one which over time, could be life changing for you. Take care with all your decisions this week and try and think long term when making any changes. Living in the moment is a great way to be but remember that your choices now will affect your future. In love? then expect a surprise!