Tarotscopes 17-3-19 March 17 2019

We have a very energetic week lying ahead!, On 20th March we have Ostara, the Spring Equinox! This is followed by the Full Moon in the early hours of the 21st March. This combination will be intense, I will write about both soon. Here are the Tarotscopes for this week, I hope you enjoy them. 


This week will fly by for you! You will be busy, you will be rushing here there and everywhere! You could also be learning something new, this will be an ongoing project, as it will take some time to reach your goals. It is good for you to be busy, especially when what you are doing is enjoyable. Your home is super important to you, but don’t run yourself ragged cleaning the clean!


You will find contentment this week! Your natural balance will be restored, and this will boost your sense of well-being. Spring is coming and if you could venture out and enjoy seeing the lambs and the buds on the trees if you are near the countryside, you will feel better still. This is a week to enjoy your health and well-being and to make the most of your uplifted spirits.


You will have a wish come true this week! This will be a surprise and is long overdue! You will have a good week but do try and keep a positive attitude. Perspective is everything this week, so if you slip into the doldrums you may find that time drags! Keep busy, see friends and family and enjoy yourself.


A romantic week lies ahead for you! If you are single or in a new relationship this will be very exciting! If you are in a long-term partnership, then you may find your other half is showering you with affection and you may wonder why! You will also need to make a choice, this might seem a small decision, but it will have repercussions later on, so try not to be too spontaneous.  


You will feel determined to succeed this week, your attitude will be that nothing or no one will stand in your way! You will hit obstacles which you will try to push past, but you would be better served by negotiating a path around these challenges rather than blowing them out of the way. You will make progress, but you may wear yourself out!


You will have a blast from your past this week! You may find a letter, photo or card which you have forgotten about, this will jog a memory and set you thinking back. Some of you will reconnect with a person from the past or plan a trip back to somewhere you have visited before. Remember the past is gone, and although memories are important, they cannot be changed and should not make you sad now!


You will find that you are more open and honest about your feelings than normal. This will happen naturally, and to you, it will feel like you are acting as normal, but for others around you, it will seem like you are not yourself. Do try and think about what you are saying, as you may upset someone special.


This week you will move forward! You may physically travel, or you could change your job, or your progress may be emotionally freeing yourself. You may find your spiritual development moves forward rapidly! There is one thing for sure, every one of you will move forward with a lot of momentum. Make sure you rebalance once you have.


This will be a complex week for you. You will have success, but you will also feel defeated at the same moment. You may be proved right, which would be a victory, but what you were right about may not be beneficial to you long term. Be happy you are right and remember that what you lost or missed out on, was not worth having anyway!


You will need to be strong this week as you could meet a challenge which will knock you sideways if you let it! You have great reserves of inner strength, and this week you will need to draw on this rather than hitting your panic button! This situation requires a calm head, but if you become stressed you will make everything feel much worse than it is. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill!


There is tension building around you, which will lead to a conflict or an argument. You may feel like you are being backed into a corner and that if you submit everything will return to normal, but consider this… what if you are right? Stand your ground this week, if you have a complaint speak out loudly. You can shine this week if you believe in yourself.


You will have a new beginning this week, and it’s something good! It may be subtle, but it will be there! Look for things changing within you, your attitude, your mood or your well-being, something will change, and it will be for the better! Go with the flow this week, release any stored anger through vigorous exercise and you will feel great by Friday.