Tarotscopes 15th July 2018 July 15 2018

This is an exciting point in the Awakening process for each of us, but some people may be experiencing blockages in one or more of their Chakras, which will be stopping you from progressing both spiritually and physically! Finding these blockages may seem impossible, but the energy for each of the star signs is indicating that removing blockages now will aid you in the next 6 months greatly!


You may find that someone moves out of your life this week, this may be a surprise or perhaps it is something which has been planned for some time! This separation will not be permeant for most of you, but for a few, there will be no going back. Look at what you have in your life and not what is just departing, everything will revert to where it should be, and you will carry on! If you feel alone then try and embrace your independence rather than fight against it!


There will be contentment in your life this week, you will find that suddenly you feel relaxed and happy in your own environment and this will bring you some well-needed relief. You will have been under stress lately, this will have taken its toll on your mentally and physically, but this new feeling of being settled in life will prove to be a big turning point as it signifies where you want to be and what you want to be doing for the future. Set some goals now which align with these feelings.


Your happiness this week hinges on the receipt of a message! Once received this will bring a big lift in your spirits and make you feel much better than you have for quite a while. This message will give you the freedom from a situation or a heavy emotion that has been rumbling on for many weeks. When you begin to feel good again, have some fun! Your inner child will want to play, let loose and be happy! A nice week lies ahead from Wednesday!


This week you will find a misconception, or an illusion will be shattered! You will have been believing that someone is not who they truly are, or perhaps you have been pretending that everything is ok when really it is not! It is not usual for people of your sign to hide their heads in the sand until a troubling situation has passed, but this week there will be no hiding away! Something needs to be faced up to and when you do you will find freedom from stress and worry.


You may feel a little vulnerable this week, this will be because a situation you face could be a repeat of something which you felt pain from in the past! But this time things will be different, exploring your reservations will help you face the reality of what is happening now. Be careful that your vulnerability does not mean you do not take a chance, or that you become over defensive or bitter about the future. You have a second chance, try and be positive!


It’s time for you to review your finances! You have a chance now to look back into your financial history and see what mistakes you have made in the past and see where you are up to now! This is a great opportunity for you to make a good plan for the future. Being financially secure will be a blessing and it is something that is within your reach if you start to plan now. Looking back will allow you to learn from your mistakes from a detached perspective.



You have great inner strength, but you may not feel that you need to express this attribute very often! This week you will need to be resilient to get what you have set out to do done. But, don’t worry if you persevere you will have success! Other people see how strong you are, yet you do not see this yourself! Try and realise that you can deal with all life throws at you and still smile! Be courageous this week and you will gain a lot of recognition.


You will have some success this week! If you run your own business then this will be good news, if not, then the good news will be in your home or family, not your paid employment! Many things may seem like they are still up in the air, you may have ideas, but you will find them difficult to bring into reality just now! Try and be patient and work with what you have, your time will come very soon in the meantime enjoy the success you have.


You will be very busy this week as the energy will be pushing you to complete jobs and projects, so new opportunities can come your way! This will be a lucky week for you, you will find that a wish comes true, this will be due to another person’s generosity rather than your own efforts but at least you will have what you wanted, and you will know who your real friends are, which is priceless! Finish off all you can this week and be ready for the next chapter to begin!


If you are searching for answers, then this week you will find them when you are alone! All the answers lie within, but, you need space, peace and quiet to access the ideas and inspirations that you need to put yourself back on track. Seek out time alone, when you find it spend the time relaxing and doing the things that you want to do and not doing chores! This is a week to ponder but not to stress!


You will need to do everything correctly this week as there will be a temptation to shove some jobs to the side to be done later if you do this you will regret it soon! You will also feel some peer pressure either at home or at work! Try and step back from that energy, as being yourself is so much better for you! If you are decorating your home, an eggshell colour will make the room relaxing!


You are about to enter a period of change! Many of you will be aware of this and can see the changes coming, but some will be taken a little unaware. During this period of change, try and be accepting, these changes will recourse your life and make things far better than they are today! Some people fear change, but things are always changing and moving with these changes will allow you to maximise the opportunities that are on offer to you.