Tarotscopes 14th July 2019 July 14 2019


Tarotscopes 14th July 2019

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You are walking away from your past, but every now and again you are being dragged back into the memories of situations you have left behind. This means that instead of moving on, you are going two steps forward and then one back. This week work on your progression. You know what you have been through, try not to give it any more energy.


A message is on its way to you, this will brighten your day! You will feel a new enthusiasm for your life and this, in turn, will awaken your inner child. This will be a week of restoration, a week in which you will feel back like yourself again. There will be a chance to make a change in your life, but will you still want to?


You will not have the best week this week! You will find plans and events will change, and something or somebody who is a staple part of your life will no longer be there. But this is only temporary, and sometimes a good shake-up of routine is needed to restore the drive and direction. Be positive, and realise everything happens for a reason, and for you this week, the reason is an improvement.


This week you will be feeling you need to be cautious, especially with money and your possessions. You are quite careful anyway, but this week you will be a bit possessive! Try not to allow these feelings to become a wedge between you and those closest to you, it would be easy this week for you to seem shallow.


You have all you need to create the perfect life that you want to live, but you hesitate to see this. You will feel like fate is driving you and that no all your choices are what you want. But, it is your choices which have placed you where you are now and it is your choices which can change things as well. You are in control when you start to realise this you will become the person that you truly are.


Your week will be all about love! Romance maybe, love for your children, or maybe you are finding self-love at last. Loving your life is the secret to happiness, and this week you will truly begin to feel blessed. You have a very important choice to make, one which will switch your direction eventually. Think carefully, ask yourself what will come next.


Your prospects are excellent and as Summer progresses a new opportunity to shine will begin. This will separate you mentally from other people, you will be treated differently, and this will allow you to grow as a person. We all have individual needs, and once you have accepted you are not quite the same as the crowd you will begin to flourish.


You will feel emotional this week, you will feel like things which normally would not bother you will lodge in your mind and become overwhelming. Try to focus on your own life and what is happening with you. You cannot fix the World, but you can fix your own life, put your focus there. Small steps will lead to great progress.


Ah, the sweet smell of success, at last you will reach your goal and be proved right! Enjoy the moment, without gloating too much! The truth is the real work starts now, but you will finally have direction and a plan. Enjoying the moment of your success is crucial, as this will spur you on to getting the results you have been working towards.


Your week will revolve around money! Many of you may find they receive an unexpected windfall or some back pay. It is always nice to get some surprise cash! If money has been troubling you then a change of your money mindset will help! Being grateful for what you have will encourage more your way! Think about how you think about money and also how you spend it!


You require some balance in your life, you may have been working extra or partying too hard! Your mantra for this week is everything in moderation! Make sure you rest enough but not too much and eat healthy high vibration foods. If you are caught up in a legal wrangle, then this week you will make sudden progress.


You will receive some good news! This news will be very personal to you, but it will lift a burden off your shoulders which you have been carrying for a while. You may feel inspired to change your appearance and dress style, this will be uplifting. Whether it’s a new haircut or a new wardrobe now is the time to make the change.