Tarotscopes 14th April 2019 April 14 2019

After a 2 week break, the Tarotscopes are back! I hope that you enjoy them!

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You may feel super sensitive this week, you will take everything personally and feel slightly emotional. You will exaggerate your feelings and be rather overdramatic in certain emotional situations.  You may feel drawn to rush to the rescue of someone who is suffering, this will be appreciated if your motives are genuine, but check the person wants to be saved first!


Your maternal instinct will be strong this week, and even if you have no children, or if those you have are not living close by, your urge will be to mother! You could find you are finding a person who is finding life hard and taking them under your wing, this connection will be long lasting as long as you do not tire from the level of attention they will need.


Challenges will surround you this week, you will cross one hurdle just as another one presents itself in front of you. As long as you keep the right perspective you will overcome these challenges, but should you slip into a victim mentality, you will struggle. Be proactive in your approach and deal with one thing at a time.


This will be a lovely week for you! You will feel like you have all you need in your life and that you can provide for those who depend on you. You will feel that you are in control of a situation or generally in your own life and this will give you a sense of security. This is a nice week, one in which to spoil yourself and those you love.  


You will receive some money! If these funds do not immediately land in your bank account or in your hand, then you will know to expect them very soon! Financial security is something you seek, and although you may have earned this money, or overpaid someone else, it will add to your feeling of success to know your finances are improving.


You will work hard this week! This may sound boring, but in fact, you will love it! You will have your head down or your sleeves rolled up, as you enjoy completing the tasks that you have set for yourself. You like to be busy, and even the seemingly pointless work you are asked to do will motivate you more than you expect.


This week you will find you have a balance of good things and some not so good! As a Libra, you like balance in your life and as long as you focus on the positives, then this week will be good for you. The difficult moments will come from issues or situations which you have either ignored or cut corners when completing. Don’t worry, you will be able to sort things out.




This week you will seem to be thoughtful and pensive to other people. You will be quieter than usual, and you will be deep in thought. You like to look into things deeper than most people, but you will also feel emotional and a bit angry! Whatever you are dwelling on requires more research, overthinking will make everything seem much worse.  


You will have a lot on your plate this week! You may feel burdened by responsibilities or work! Remember that these burdens are what drive you, they are leading you towards your goal! You may have overextended yourself, but if you prioritize you will get everything done. But all work and no play will make you feel put upon, take some time for the lighter things in life.  


A lovely week lies ahead for you. You will have a great sense of well-being, and if your life has felt like a struggle recently, this week you will instinctively know the struggle is nearly over. Allow yourself to dream, to imagine a life for yourself in which you are happy and stress-free. This week you will receive a lot of positive energy, soak it up and enjoy yourself.


You are standing at the edge of a cliff about to jump, but will you fall, or will you fly? Now for some of you, this cliff edge will be something you will immediately understand, perhaps you are beginning a new relationship, or job, or moving home. But for others, you may not understand, but as this week progresses you will understand what the metaphorical cliff is. If you throw yourself into your new venture, you will soar high.


Have you been feeling like someone is misleading you? Perhaps you smell a rat, but you have no evidence. This week your suspicions will prove to have been correct as a deception will be revealed. Do not fear the truth, as once you know what has been happening you will understand why you have been feeling on edge. Your intuition will be proved right again!