Tarotscopes 14-10-19 October 15 2019

The Aries Full Moon has had a very powerful influence on us all, but for each Star Sign, the area that it has affected is different. Generally, we have all experienced a shift in our spirituality, and another boost of energy is coming later in the week. Please read on to see what this all means for you! 


You will have experienced some changes in the last few weeks or months, these will have been expected but they seem to have hit you harder than you expected. Routine is very important to you, just like your family and home are, and if these changes have hit you in those areas you will need to give yourself time to readjust. Be kind to yourself!


You will receive a message which you have been waiting for. This message will give you the green light to begin moving forward. It has been a long time coming, but finally, you are in a position to begin again! Cut ties with the past and look only to the future, as new opportunities and people are about to come into your life.


It is time for you to move on. You have been grasping on to something which has passed and now you will need to accept it has gone and look to pastures new. If this is an emotional connection, it can be hard to release yourself and step away, but the other person seems to have done so already so it is pointless holding yourself in the past.


You will feel limited this week, you will feel like you want to do things, but you can’t. For some of you, this will be because of an illness or infection, but for others, it seems to be because of some anxiety or an external commitment. This phase will pass, but this week looking after yourself and your own needs will be more beneficial to you.


You will feel content this week. And you will also have something you have been hoping for happen! Reaching this goal should be something you celebrate, even if it does not seem as important as it once was for you. This will be a nice week, you may have some extra work to do and that may seem stressful or unfair, but if you do it with a smile on your face you will benefit later on.


You will need to knuckle down and work hard this week! It seems you have a lot to do, and if you have been stalling about making a decision or finishing a job you started a while ago, then this week you will need to do it! You will become engrossed in what you are doing, especially if you start with the easy to complete work, then the harder part can be done with less stress.


You will have dealings with a very fair and just gentleman this week, this man will have an influence on how you react to other situations too. You will begin to take an objective view of life, something which is long overdue. Allowing your emotions to rule you will be something from the past. You will begin to control your thoughts and act in a more confident way.


The energy from the Full Moon may have made you feel on edge, twitchy and defensive. You may have been feeling threatened but you do not know why, or perhaps a little paranoid with certain people. During this week your heckles will be up! Try and look deeper into why, when you do you will smile.


This week for you will be all about making the effort! You may feel a little apathetic, and like you are being blamed for everything. With a little effort, you can restore your position and regain your positive approach to your life. You are emotionally stuck, and if you open your eyes to what is on offer to you, you will begin to move forward quickly. This week it is all up to you!  


You will receive something this week which is long overdue, such as praise at work, or gratitude for actions you have taken in the past.working with others will bring you faster results, so try and combine your passion and effort with other people you know, as this will be uplifting and rewarding. This is not a week for you to go it alone!


You will receive a message which you have been waiting for! This will be a positive message, which will confirm your intuition was right!. It may come in written form, a letter in the post, an email, or a text and you may need to read it several times just to check you are getting the true message behind the words. Take a practical approach and the window of opportunity you have been seeking will appear for you.


You may find you encounter disruptions and delays this week which could make you annoyed and stressed. Try and use the extra time productively, as however much you stress, nothing will make things happen any faster. Try asking yourself are you on the right path in life? Are your delays stalling your plans or indicating you should be doing something different?