Tarotscopes 13 May 2018 May 13 2018


Here are this week's Tarotscopes! I hope that you enjoy them! The energy is quite mixed this week included each sign will be affected in very different ways!

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Your thoughts will be on distant horizons this week! You will be dreaming of travel or perhaps taking a journey. Your mind will be filled with possibilities of what you can do next and where you can go! Your sense of well-being will be higher than it has been, and you are slowly realising that anything is possible, if you make the right effort and take the chances that are offered to you!


You are in a successful period in your life and you should recognise this and utilise it to your best interest. You will have been busy and having a good time, but old worries and problems will not have gone away. Keep your focus on your successes, and do not be afraid to blow your own trumpet! You are doing far more than you have done and it is only a matter of time until new opportunities clear away the old worries!


Your week will be filled with movement, you will never seem to be still! You will be wanting to spend time by water, and if this is not possible due to your commitments then you will seek out a stream or brook, as you know that you will find some peace there. If you are travelling expect calm seas! If your life has been turbulent, you will see things settle now at last!


This week you will have a wish come true! But what have you been wishing for? Many people see wishing as a conscious act, like in a Disney movie when the genie asks then grants your desires, but life is not like that, your thoughts are creating your wishes! Have you been thinking and feeling positive? Or have you been thinking about what could go wrong or what you think you lack? This week you will receive the product of your imagination!


When you give selflessly, whether this is money or just yourself, you get rewards but when you are giving for the wrong reasons such as to get attention or some kind of credit then often your kind gesture falls flat! This week you may feel like you are being taken for granted and not supported, but this is not the case, be more accepting of the gratitude that is coming your way.


This week you would be advised to do everything exactly as it should be done, try not to cut corners or delay taking action! You have the perfect opportunity to start getting back on top of things and if you take this now you will have ample time to do all that you would like to. It may seem tempting to put aside chores or not make necessary phone calls, but this week the energy is right for you to get results.


Someone from the past is about to come crashing back into your life again and they will be expecting to pick up where they left off! You will be already remembering happenings of the past and visiting places where you used to go! This is a form of release and in recounting happenings that you have forgotten you can now let them go. It is time to live in the moment again.


You have all you need already and yet you look for more in order to progress your life. Most of you know what you would like to do, and yet you are putting up blocks which are stopping you from taking a chance. You have come a long way already this year and now is not the time to sit back and enjoy your success! There is still a mountain to climb, but this time you are well prepared for the journey.


For many single Sagittarians, a new suitor will suddenly be around! If you are married or settled in a relationship, then you will be wanting to take this arrangement to the next level. Love is all around and finding self-love is the greatest achievement you can have in life. If you are happily single then open your eyes to all the love that surrounds you, if you do then you will become happier and healthier!


You may feel on edge, as if you are waiting for things to happen, but you are not sure what! You have triggered a memory deep within you, but you are not aware of this. You may feel nervous or anxious, your house creaking in the night or rowdy people on their way home after a night out will be putting you on edge! This will pass but exploring why you are feeling this way would be very beneficial.


You may feel a little disillusioned this week, you will wake up to the possibility that all is not what it seems to be in a relationship, friendship or in your work. This realisation should not come as a shock, but you may have been burying your head in the sand and not seeing things as they truly are! Try not to be downhearted, the truth is always the best things to know and a new opportunity will come very soon. 


This week will be filled with vivacity, adventure and excitement! But be careful that you do not get swept along on the crest of this energy wave and start to exaggerate your gifts and talents too much! Of course, the level of energy will be personal to each of you, but the desire to boost yourself up in the eyes of others will happen to you all! Little white lies will flow from your tongue and mostly be harmless but try not to suggest something which you are unwilling to follow through on!