Tarotscopes 12th August 2018 August 12 2018

This week the energy is quite empowering! The main focus will be on your own life and your own wellbeing. Many of you will be assessing how things are going and planning for the future, others may be finding that restrictions are being highlighted, this is so you can become more aware and make necessary changes. Read on to see what your week will be like!


This will be a challenging week for you, unless, you change the way you are seeing events which are happening in your life. Your own mind will be your worst enemy, and if you can be mindful and not overthink things you will fare much better! It seems something is bothering you, but rather than facing that situation you are focusing on niggly little things that other people are doing! Try and look at your main issue and accept responsibility if you need to.


You will begin to start planning for the rest of the year this week. This planning will mainly focus on your finances, if you plan now you will not face the usual stress and scramble for money that happens around Christmas and the beginning of the new year! When you are planning look at the past, remember what you have done in previous years and vow to do things differently this year! When you are armed with a plan you will feel much more relaxed.


This week you will feel that someone or something is trying to control you or manipulate your time or your affections. Perhaps your work is extra demanding, and this is cutting down your free time, or maybe your children are seeking your attention more! You will feel trapped, and long for the ability simply to walk away for a while! For a few people, it will be your partner who is being needy, this will be draining, and perhaps you should be thinking if things are as they should be?


This week you would be wise if you keep a tight hold on your money! It seems that you may find that your funds get eaten up without you realising how much you have spent! Try and think long term! Pensions and investments are well favoured for you at the moment, and by putting a little aside you will be providing for your later life. Be grateful for all you have, even if you do not feel it is much, it is enough!


Everything is up in the air, and you are not sure which way to turn!  It seems like you have lots of pots on the stove and you are waiting for at least one to boil! This week you are being urged to get your priorities straight! You will receive an important message, but the manner of its delivery may mean it is slightly hidden. Keep your eyes open and be alert, so this message does not pass you by. If you act now, you will find your plans will work out perfectly, hesitate and maybe they won’t!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


It's time you took a break! It seems that you are mentally and physically drained. Summer will have been hectic for you, juggling children, working, staying on top of things plus it seems like you have probably had a few stresses and strains as well! Now its time for you to find time for you! If you have a holiday booked then make sure you relax and enjoy your time off, if not, then find an hour in the evening just to do the things you like. You will feel refreshed if you do.



How often do you practice meditation, or sit quietly by yourself in the quiet and enjoy the peace? This week you will yearn to be able to do this! All the answers lie within you, and you may find that you instinctively want to find out more. Feelings and memories from the past will filter into your thoughts this week, when they do, explore them, ask yourself why are you thinking of these things now? What message do they hold for you? Find the answer to those questions and you will find what is holding you back.


This week is a good time to get in touch with your own feelings. Do you feel like you are being taken for granted, or that you are working so hard that you do not have a life! It is time to examine your motivation, what do you want to achieve from your efforts, do you still hold the vision you had when you began? If you need to speak out about an injustice or you feel that you are not valued, then say something! Your opinion matters do not be afraid to be heard.


You may feel like a caged bird this week, you can see out through the bars, but your wings are clipped! This is possibly the worst feeling for a freedom loving Sagittarius, even if you do not want to go any where the fact that you can’t will make you quite angry! Try and make the most of what you are doing! If you try and enjoy yourself, you will feel better fast. You will receive praise for a job well done, this will boost your spirits as the week ends.



How confident do you feel? This week take a long look in the mirror and assess how you perceive yourself. You could also ask others how they see you and put together a picture of what you are feeling and how that is being projected towards those you care about. This simple exercise will allow you to see where you need to adjust your perspective, which will help you believe in yourself more. Something big is on the way for you, take the time now to get yourself ready!


You will feel like there is nothing you cannot do or say this week! You will be filled with an energy which will make you feel like the world is your oyster! Of course, you can be anything you choose to be, but if you choose to direct this energy into something productive, or a cause dear to your heart then you will make great leaps forward in your own life and also help others along the way! This week you will clean something thoroughly! This may be your oven or your garage, but you will feel accomplished when you are finished!


This week you will be very spiritually aware. You will see guide signs regularly and you will feel like you are following your intuition at every turn you take. Take your time to get the message from this guidance clearly, half a message will not be of any use to you! You may overspend as well! If you feel you are being guided to spend more than you have, think again! Money is an energy, allow it to work for you and not to rule you!