Tarotscopes 11-6-18 June 11 2018

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This week you would be wise to be patient! You may feel like you have waited long enough for something or somebody, but a little more time will bring the result that you desire without any stress. Try something out before you make a snap decision! This week you will feel impatient and want everything now, but, if you wait a little longer the openings you really need will happen for you.


Has your head been in the past lately? If your thoughts have been drifting back or you are beginning to stress over a decision or agreement you made in the past, then you will need to pull your thoughts back to the present and think how you can make new plans to overcome your fears. It is time to begin again, and steps that you take now will pave your way forward.


You may feel a little on edge this week! Quite possibly you will not know where this edginess has come from, and this may make you feel more sensitive! Things that go bump in the night, or words you overhear others speak will make you feel jumpy! Try and relax a little, spend more time outside in the fresh air, then these feelings will pass quickly.


A wish will come true for you this week! This will come as a lovely surprise, even if you have been working towards this happening for a while. It is nice when what you have been hoping for happens, unless you have been focused on negative thoughts, if so the Universe may have thought that was what you were wanting to happen! Switch your thoughts to being positive right now!


Are you feeling like nothing is happening quickly enough? You may be feeling like your life has been put on hold, friends may be busy, your own relationship may not be feeling quite right, or you could simply being bored with the life you have been living! If so, perhaps it is time to appreciate all you have, you may be ambitious but being grateful for the simple things will make you feel much more loved.


This will be a nice week for you, you will feel content and happy. Life may have been challenging lately, but for most of you these obstacles will now have been overcome and you will be focusing on yourself for a change. Being proactive in a campaign or a work event will be very rewarding, so if the social committee is looking for members maybe you should join!


You will feel challenged this week! Things will have been flowing nicely in your life and you will have become comfortable in your routine, but this is all set to change as a new arrangement is about to happen. This will mean changes, for each of you these changes will be different, for some they will be small but for others they will be bigger. Life Is supposed to challenge us, that is how we grow. Welcome these changes.  


You have the opportunity to begin again in a certain area of your life. This will come as a blessed relief! You will have been struggling with a situation, feeling or person for some time now and finally you will be able to move on. If you are single, then a chance meeting will lead to more than you expect! This is a nice week as long as you take a chance and be open to new ideas.


This week, you will realise that what you believe is not actually true! For most of you this will come as a relief as you will have been struggling with one thing after another for some time and you are ready for some respite! You have coped wonderfully, but it will be lovely to be able to see things as they really are and step back for a while and relax. Open your eyes and look after number one!


It is time for a rest! You will have been working hard, worrying too much or using up all your energy sorting out other people’s issues! It is time now for you to begin to look after you! Try and find some time to do the things you enjoy this week, sit in the garden and read a book or simply put your feet up in front of the TV. This week is all about you, make the most of it!


This will be a blissful week especially if you have chosen to be on holiday or travelling! You will feel like you are seeking inner peace and you may want to find time to be alone so you can meditate or simply just be. Try not to bury your head in the sand where an important decision is concerned, it is important that you have input in this matter, and if you choose to hide away you will have to follow what others dictate!


This will be a good week for you, one in which you will realise that through the disappointments you have also had some success. More success is on its way to you, this will mean that you are finally shedding your past and finding the right path for your life. A celebration in your home will go very well, you will feel happier than you have for a long time so long as you switch your perspective to success.