Tarotscopes 11-2-18 February 11 2018



Thank you all for joining this new group! I hope that you enjoy this week's Tarotscopes :)



There is an energy of change around you, but, you may not see how you can institute change in your life as your commitments and obligations are seeming to tie you where you are. This week you will have the opportunity to spread your wings, to learn a new skill or decide on a career progression which will allow you to make the changes that you seek.


It is time for you to take a step back! You have become overly involved with a situation or a person and the emotional commitment you are making is causing you stress. Step back, detach from the situation and you will see things how they really are! This will bring you a massive relief, as you will focus more on yourself and the things that mean the most to you!


This week something new will begin for you. The energy of the New Moon will suddenly provide you with a new start! For some of you, a door will have to close as this new door opens, so, be prepared that you may need to let go off something which has come to an end! This new start will offer you a new lease of life, be excited and look forward to beginning again.


You will be magnetic this week, but, you will need to be aware of what you are attracting! Your thoughts are paramount this week, if you think things are wrong they will be if you think something is dangerous it will be! Try and think that everything is alright and count the blessing that you have in your life already. If you can do this, you will have a marvellous week!


You may feel a little apathetic this week, you could lack motivation and you could be feeling sorry for yourself. If you start feeling like everyone is against you, or that you are the only person who is hurting, then you may feel like seeking out your own company to lick your wounds. It is fine to be a little more introvert than usual, but do try and be constructive in your thoughts not judgemental.


Your mind will be your worst enemy this week! You will be overthinking a situation, this could be your work, your romance, your health, something will be bothering you and thinking too much about it will make it even worse! Try and relax, divert your mind with activities that stimulate your mind and you will feel much better.


You may lack conviction this week, and however busy you are if you are not passionate about what you are doing you will get little satisfaction! You could be being unadventurous, not seeking excitement or looking for motivation, if so, then this week you will miss an opportunity which could really bring you a new beginning.


Are you feeling overprotective about those you love or a project which is nearly ready for the next stage? If so, then the reason why lie in your past. Perhaps, you have felt like you have failed in a similar situation in the past, or that you will encounter difficulties from others which will delay you again! Wherever your fears have arisen remember that was then and this is now!


You need to reflect this week, rather than to rush into something new. You will have the urge to seek the answers within, by connecting with your guide or your religious beliefs. You have come a long way and reflecting now and receiving some insight into the future will help you to continue the success you have had. Seek stillness, inner guidance and calm, the future is bright. This week chill a little!


You have the ability to get any job done properly, but when others try and divert you or try and help you without effort you can become annoyed and stressed. This week, you will find that you are able to stay calm and adapt, so your work gets done and you keep others happy! You will be laid back and able to laugh at the idiosyncrasies of life for once!


It is time for you to walk away from a situation that you have been caught up in for a while, perhaps even years. You need to let go of fighting for an event to happen which is not going to! Your energy would be much better used in starting afresh and creating a new alternative. The New Moon in your sign will make anything new possible, shed the old and go with the flow.


This week you will have a success, but, only if you give something up first! Perhaps you are trying to be everything to everybody? Or maybe you are trying to do the impossible and an easier goal would bring you more success. Whatever you have planned this week do make sure that it is humanly possible to do!