Tarotscopes 10th March 2019 March 10 2019

Here are this week's Tarotscopes, I hope you enjoy them! 

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You may experience a disappointment, but try and remain positive, what you were expecting to happen was not going to be as good for you as your thought, so this is a hidden blessing! A new opportunity will present itself this year, that one will work out much better. Someone you are close to may have to go away for a while, but don’t worry they will be back.


You will have a lovely week, especially if you are single, as some romance may enter your life. You will have a few choices to make this week, many of these will focus on your home or family life. Try and act on your intuition, remembering if something feels right it most likely is! You will feel blessed this week, enjoy it.


If you have been looking for a new job, trying to secure a contract or a move or trying for a promotion then this week you will receive good news. An offer will be put on the table which you would be wise to accept! This is a week for moving forward, try and maximize this energy in all that you do.


You will have a hard-working week, and you will enjoy every minute of it! You will feel on top of things and in control. When you are on top of things you will feel confident in all areas of your life and this, in turn, will make you sleep better and feel a good sense of well-being. This is a nice week, so long as you roll your sleeves up and get stuck in!


You will be exceptionally busy this week, your desk will be loaded or you will be racing from one commitment to the next! You will love the activity and the week will fly by. You have made some good choices lately, half of your busyness will come from the good decisions you made towards the end of last year keep moving forward!  


You may be under an illusion, as nothing really is how it seems. Before you get caught up in a drama, try and check all the facts are correct! It is very possible that you are barking up the wrong tree, or believing the wrong side of a story. Step back this week, think what is the mostly likely course of events and take action based on logic and reason and not hearsay.


You may feel over emotional this week as your compassionate side will be at the forefront of your mind. A man in your life could be draining, as he will be placing demands on you, or perhaps doing his own things without you and this could get you down. Try and stay positive, Spring will be here soon, and you will be able to get out and about a little more.


You may not of had much of a social life lately, as you will have been head down and working! But, this week that will all change as an invitation will come your way. Teamwork and socialising are just what you need right now, you will thrive in the company of others, so take every opportunity that presents itself, you will make some new and important connections.


This week you will have domestic harmony and contentment. Any issues which have been weighing on your mind will suddenly be resolved in an unexpected manner. You will feel happy, everyone is getting along, and you will love being in our home. This week, just relax, let any external issues ride, and focus on yourself, your needs.


You will feel challenged this week, your mind will be working overtime, and creating scenarios which are not happening. Overthinking is very negative, it builds anxiety, stress and can disturb your natural balance. Step back!  Focus on what is happening, not what you fear is to come and you will find some peace this week.


You will be magnetic this week! You will feel on top form, but you will also find a sense of peace within. This new attitude will make you irresistible to others, but just what are you attracting? Be wary some people’s motives may not be as honourable as you believe, so try and be selective who you spend your time with!


An emotional week lies ahead for you, one in which you could find every little thing sets you off! You may be tearful, angry or simply cheesed off! Whichever emotional reaction you feel, absorb it and accept it, your emotions are the language of your soul, what messages are you receiving and will you listen?