White Horses, a Spell for healing and Beginning again June 07 2015

The Vikings may not be known for their magical abilities but in fact they were tremendous magicians. The Vikings landed here where I live many centuries ago but they did not conquer us, in fact they blended into society; they learned the language, married local girls and brought their customs and beliefs in to our Island culture which over time has merged become our own. This is a Traditional Norse spell for you to try, it is designed to allow you to make a fresh start in love or work or to heal a breach in an existing relationship or friendship.

 Water magic is some of the most powerful and this spell needs to be cast at the beach, it cannot be adapted to inland bodies of water.  

White Horses a Spell for healing and Beginning again

Cast this spell on the waning moon as the tide is coming in.

You will need:

A silver coin, 2 shells collected on the evening of casting from the shore, a small glass of wine and some Vervain leaves if you have none growing then dried will suffice.


Hold the vervain, coin and the shells in your left hand,  and ask for the blessing of the waning moon, drink a toast to the moon, the sea and the gods, as you drink your wine sit quietly and empty your mind, when peace is found fill your thoughts with your intent for the spell.

Stand, throw one shell as far in to the sea as you can. Chanting your wish as you do so.

Take the second shell and write in the sand your wish and your name, write this beneath the high tide line. Count seven waves hitting the shore and then bury the coin, the vervain and the shell in the sand in the centre of your sand writing.

Now, sit up the beach and watch the sea collect your wish as the tide washes over your writing and whilst you watch chant:

“Tide o tide take my wish,

let new beginnings come to me”