Past Life Reading December 16 2014

Here is a Past Life Reading which I wrote for a close friend who has consented to making it public. Enjoy!

Past Life

I see you as a young woman in the French countryside. You wear a long skirt which comes to your ankles and a headscarf covers your long dark hair, you carry books. You are very slim and walking and cycling is how you move around. It is 1940. You are very happy, you seem to have been given some wonderful news. You are heading home but you have stopped and sat a while under a small copse of trees to daydream, this is a spot you have favoured since you were a child. It is a warm summer’s day and everything seems to be perfect. You mount your bicycle and begin the short ride home to your family’s farm.  You laugh as you ride, your dream has come true! You are to study at an academy in Paris, you wish to be an historian. This is a male dominated area at the time and you have worked very hard to be accepted.

As you arrive at your home everything is still and quiet, where is everyone? You rush into the house and it is empty, you walk around the yard and there is no sign of life everything is gone. You jump back on your bike and you cycle to the nearest neighbor’s house some miles away. You are so relieved as when you knock on the door your mother is there with your brother and sister. Where is Papa? Your mother makes little sense she just says he has been taken.

Moving forward a year all has changed. You are in Paris and you are at the academy but you are also working undercover for the French resistance. France is an occupied country and your acceptance in higher education has provided a cover for you so you can conduct covert operations for the allies. You know your mother is safe with her cousin in Geneva with your younger siblings but you father is still missing since the invasion. Your mother refuses to speak of that day so you do not know what happened. You live a dangerous life as many people are watched or followed and a lot of French people inform to the Gestapo in return for favours. 

Another year later and you are still working for the resistance but now you are no longer in Paris. You are in the Somme area where you were born. You are running, being chased, there are shouts and dogs barking behind you. There is nowhere to hide so you keep running. This life ends on this day, another unknown victim of war. You chose this route as you could have fled with your mother. This experience will have left you with an abhorrence of violence and a passion for history and stories which involve detection and covert activities. Politics and peace will be also things which will engage you later in your current life.

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