Free Reading August 20 2015

Relax, look at the three cards select the card which you are drawn to and then read on to see its message for you.




Card 1

Are your expectations of yourself too high, have you set yourself a task which you are now struggling to complete? This will probably be making you feel a bit useless, shaking your self-belief and your confidence. Try stopping for a moment and remembering why you started on your current path, what you wanted to achieve, once you have then begin to make a plan proceed with achievable small goals, one step at a time not everything at once and then your end result will be attainable.

Card 2

It is time to follow your heart, lately you have probably been too logical, analysing everything, allowing your mind to take the lead, if so then you will miss out on something which has much to offer you. You may be more comfortable relying on logic but have you not learned that sometimes your heart knows best? Trust your heart let your mind make monkeys with another issue which is not so important.

Card 3

Time to go with the flow! You are fighting against the tide, you will soon become swamped if you continue. Relax a little, be more laid back particularly with yourself and the person who means a lot to you as this will make your life flow freely. You are tense at the moment and this is projecting to all around you, not everyone is tolerant of this moodiness and that may become your loss. Act quickly and you will be amazed at the result.



Three cards; get a glimpse of the message for you through the Lions Gate August 09 2015

The magical portal we refer to as the lions gate is still open and if you pass through it then you will receive gifts and a glimpse into the best future for you, the planet and mankind. If you cannot access this yourself try picking a card and seeing what may lie before you. For a more detailed look at your advice for the way forward why not have a look at the Lions Gate Package.

If you chose card 1

Your great gift is related to material possessions; this should become your focus. This statement is not given to you in a shallow manner, in fact quite the opposite, you are being inspired to become an inspiration, to be creative and to lead others. Nurturing these talents will change your life, the lives of those around you and people that you know. Be inspired, grateful and giving.

If you chose card 2

Your message is one of becoming dedicated to a task, becoming whole-heartedly involved in what you are currently involved in. It is the right thing for you. If you are male then you will be in communication with an upbeat and magnetic woman, one who inspires and shines even in your darkest hour. Hold on tight to her, she is in demand.

If you chose card 3

You will be making a journey, travelling and moving forward, this progression is long overdue. You have been in the same place for a good while and it is time to seek out new horizons. Symbols,
spiritual guidance and magical intent will all be involved. Be bold and be brave a spiritual teacher will show you the way.

A Cosmic Message For You July 28 2015

Relax, look at this Cosmic Mandala, which of the three images stands out for you? Choose the image, add your choice to the comments and then read on to see what message there is for you.. 


Image 1

If you chose Image one then you are trying to control a person or situation, you are doing this because of your insecurities not because you are at risk of losing anything. Sometimes, our own beliefs mask the truth, because something in your past has tainted your thoughts does not mean that history will repeat itself. There are forces at work greater than you can imagine. Try and enjoy things as they are, be open and expressive and watch everything change for the better.


Image 2

There is a very spiritual person who is close to you, many of you will know who this is and already be closely connected. If you are involved then be accepting of the gifts and the energy this person gives to you, they want nothing in return. Your own balance is out at the moment, this will be making you feel stressed, insecure and possibly tense. But, do not worry, something is coming which will restore your equilibrium and then you will be able to stand in your own power comfortably. Acceptance is the key.


Image  3

There are so many ideas and dreams which are floating around in your mind but you hold yourself back. You have issues to resolve, matters to see to and as we say here;  ”More baggage than Heathrow!” These matters are getting on top of you but with application and determination you will sort them out one by one and then you can start afresh. But, in the meantime, dare to dream, let your imagination run riot, not to escape reality but to let yourself know that what you truly want will wait for you and it is a prize worth having whatever the difficulties which have to be faced. 



Three Cards: What does your future hold? July 16 2015


Relax, look at the picture, allow your intuition to guide you choose a card then click the link to read your future. 


Card one

What lies at the foot of your rainbow? Pots of gold take many shapes and forms, for you the pot of gold that you will find is love, companionship, family, but most of all the end of a struggle alone This is priceless, many people take these things for granted but for you the prospect of what is coming to your life will lift your spirits and make you full of hope. Do not let worries or insecurities spoil this time, it is happening and it will last. A gift is on its way to you how exciting.  

Card two

Make a plan, you are about to have an opportunity to create the life you would love to live, but if you have no plan then you will miss this chance. Sit down and think, what do you love, what motivates you beyond all other things? That is the thing that you should aim for. Probably you will be saying but that will not pay the bills but as the American author Marsha Sinetar said; “ Do what you love and the money will follow.” Develop faith and trust and a good plan.

Card three

You will find that as this this year progresses that you will be able to get whatever you would like to have, if you chose this card then you will know what you want and you will also know deep within you that it will really happen. Dream big, fly high and you will not be disappointed. Should you find that at the moment your life is a bit glum and dark then be uplifted things are about to change rapidly. Be alert to all possibilities.

Choose a card for this week! July 09 2015



If you chose Card 1:

What are you dreaming of? What would you really like to happen in your life? Have you plans or hopes for your future? If so then this week you will see them begin to take shape. This will put a spring in your step and a sparkle in your eyes. But, if you thoughts have been of doom and gloom or  what may go wrong then change them quickly. This is a week of wishes coming true make wishes filled with happy events and positive actions. Then fly high.

Card 2

Abundance is central to your week, not necessarily financial abundance although for a few of you this will be the case. Abundance can take many forms, love, happiness, comfort each can be in a plentiful supply if you open your mind to the possibilities. Also if you chose this card then you will be spending time either with or thinking about your mother. Many of you will have lost this special person from your life and you will find memories flooding back.

Card 3

A new beginning is coming for you, one which you will embrace completely and commit to entirely. This new happening may be a project, a job or a new business idea whichever it is which is presented to  you do think carefully before you decline and retreat into the safe world which you have created. This may be a once in a lifetime chance for you and in saying yes you will open doors into a bright new world for you to play in. Embrace change.

Three Cards for June June 10 2015

Relax, look at the three cards which one are you drawn too? Write your choice as a comment and then click the photo to read what to expect for the rest of June.



If you chose:

Card 1

Overcoming fears is one of the greatest challenges we all face, where do the fears come from? What has made you terrified of flying, spiders or snakes? Can you remember who or what caused you to have an irrational fear. Other people deal with these situations as part of normal life but for some people even visiting the supermarket is threatening. During the next three weeks you will face a fear and overcome it, what an exhilarating feeling, you will be freed!

Card 2

"Oh,What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive". This famous quote taken from Marmion, a poem by Walter Scott is totally apt for you in the coming weeks. But, who is deceiving who? Only you will know that, but should you be the deceiver be warned you will be found out. If you are squeaky clean at the moment then be warned, someone you know is not so honest and their deception will be revealed very soon. 

Card 3

Do you ever ponder your life so far? You have achieved so much, met so many people, been to many places and dealt with many issues both good and bad. So, why now do you feel like you have little going for you. Look at all you have, your home and your family, your many possessions;the list will go on and on. This change of perspective will change your future for the better. As you stand at a crossroads at the moment then making a choice will be easier when you are thinking clearly, be proactive with your thoughts and see your life improve.







Reveal of the three cards April 25 2015


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1. The Hanged Man 

This card symbolizes that you are at a crossroads in your life, you will feel like you are in limbo until you chose a direction to travel in. If your relationship is in turmoil then soon your will have a cease fire, but this card also indicates that you need to decide whether you are really hard done by or if in fact you are playing the victim. Think before you remove people from your life, are they really a negative influence on you? 

2. 10 Swords

If you chose this card then you may feel like the world or the people in it are against you! You will feel at rock bottom, very like in the image stabbed in the back... But, when you are at the bottom the only way is up, and this card indicates that you now have the chance to turn things around or to cut loose and start again. Cut  through the illusion and see your life with fresh eyes, there is always an alternative and every problem really does have a solution. 


3. The Sun

Without the Sun there would be no life on Earth. The Sun card represents courage, energy and clarity. The Sun removes the shadows and encourages us to come into the light, of course our shadow is still with us but in the midday sun it appears to have gone. This will be how you are feeling; light and bright and full of the joys of Spring. Should you be involved in a sticky relationship then this card encourages you to accept your friend or partner as they are, you can not change people unless they want to change. 

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Easter Monday reveal! April 06 2015

Have you chosen a card from the three posted on Facebook? If so here is the reveal. If you like my readings then you will be interested in a reduced price  on- line reading. Just 9 available so be quick!

Card one


If you chose this card then you are being urged to open your eyes to everything going on around you at home and at work. Be ready for action, if you are vigilant you will spot something going on which you have been missing! Will you rise to this challenge and highlight the thing which is disrupting your life? Time to take the blinkers of and use logic and reason.


Card Two


This week may see you quarrelling over nothing and feeling under pressure from your peers. Being hassled by other people and constantly defending yourself can be draining. But, why is this happening? Perhaps it is not, it may be your state of mind which is making you feel paranoid, if so take some time out and restore your natural balance.


Card Three


If you chose this card then you will have a wish come true in the next three weeks. Think about what you have been wanting to happen, what your heart is desiring and then feel happy and confident that you will be making a big leap in that direction very soon. Try enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

Ostara; The Spring Fetival of Balance, Fertility and Rebirth Three card reveal March 20 2015

Today 20th March is the Festival of Ostara; the Spring Equinox and the Super Moon Solar Eclipse. What a magical day! But, what area of your life is unbalanced? What is holding you back from beginning or restarting a project or relationship? The reveal of these three cards should shed some light on your own circumstances. 

If you chose:

Card 1 

You are being held back by indecision. You know that you have a new pathway opening out in front of you but perhaps right at this moment you are unsure what it is. All this hinges on choices which you are delaying making; once you have decided upon a course of action then you will find everything falls into place for you. The thing which is holding you back is yourself. 

Card 2 

The reason for imbalance in your life is connected to your romantic life. You may be in a failing marriage, or perhaps feeling unrequited love or in some cases you may be involved in a relationship with someone still attached to another or maybe you are the one attached. You need to look at your love life, is it serving you? If not choose to start again, either with your current partner or a new suitor and balance will return.

Card 3

Your problem area is your work, career or business. It is time for a fresh start or at least a change of perspective! Your balance is wrong and when you are not enjoying your job or not making a profit in business this can be difficult to correct.  But, a change is coming will you control the change or be swept along with the tide?

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Energetic influences Revealed! March 07 2015

Here is the reveal of the four cards which are posted on Facebook: 

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CARD 1: If you chose card one then you will probably be feeling a bit disappointed, you may be feeling let down or you could be in the process of separating from someone whom you have been close to in the past. You will not be feeling broken hearted but there will be a sense of regret. But, remember all the good things which you have in your life. Many new opportunities will come your way in the next four weeks so be very positive.

CARD 2; Are you waiting for a knight in shining armour to come and rescue you from your mundane life?  Or are you rescuing someone else at the moment? The age of chivalry is not dead but it can be a  little bit more discreet than it used to be. Look at the people in your social circle, could one of them think more of you than you think?

CARD 3: A bright new future is opening up for you, how exciting! But, you seem to be holding on to the past and refusing to let go of people, places and emotions which no longer serve you. Be brave, fantastic things and people are coming your way!

CARD 4: If you chose card four then you are about to have success in your life, this will be something which you have been working towards for a while and you will be feeling very proud of your achievements. Celebration is in the air, have a really good time!