Curses, Hexes and Protection February 08 2016

A little on Hexes

There is a difference between a Hex and a Curse. If someone hexes you it tends to be a quick curse which will probably be done to your face or the person using the magic will let you know in a more subtle way but you will be aware of bad intentions toward you. A hex will disrupt life, cause chaos and bring things which seemed to be progressing to a standstill. Hexes are more a kind of throw away curse. There is a common hex which involves sweeping the path of the person’s house you wish to vex whilst walking backwards three times, saying some Gaelic words as a spell. Also a hex maybe placed in a gift such as a clothes peg from a gypsy, these are easy to break yourself by passing the peg or gift to another or making friends publicly with the person who placed the hex, but if left unattended the hex will grow in power and begin to be a curse. A hex is often cast in temper in response to a slight against the witch and is not designed to cause lasting harm.


A curse is very different from a Hex, a Curse is planned and calculated. A curse can be placed without the person knowing they are afflicted. A Curse can last generations as it can be placed on the person and their offspring or their property. An efficiently planned curse will work on fears and weaknesses and the witch will have either located these themselves through conversation or gleaned the information from people you know or the third party who ask asked for the work to be completed. This type of Dark Magic is very real and in some cultures people are very aware of this and very careful who they expose their true selves to, this is a form of protection which in the modernized West we believe is not needed which provides an open door for the vengeful. A curse takes a lot of preparation and unpicking a curse is long and time consuming. If you see an unknown animal or bird watching you, staring at your every move be warned you may have attracted the attention of someone who knows what they are doing!   

There is a popular belief that karma will return to the caster this is not strictly true, a curse once placed is an energy if it is not dealt with correctly it will simply reattach itself. When a curse is placed it is done through ritual and symbolic magic, it is calm and calculated and directed to harm. A hex is completed in a fit of temper or to right a wrong they are completed differently and the hex is not designed to harm merely disrupt.

The best protection is avoidance! A True witch will respect honesty even if it is not what he or she believes or wants to hear, so if you know someone who is of my faith be truthful as they will always be honest with you! Remember words have power so think before you speak and be compassionate to all others. Faith and prayer are great protectors whatever your religion and whether your prayers are to god or a goddess.  

If you believe you have been cursed and would like help, please contact me.