Which planet are you drawn to? July 01 2015

July's Full Moon is clearly visible in the night sky as are Venus and Jupiter - a rare sight indeed. Jupiter and Venus are only going to be about a quarter of the moon size apart in the night sky, the closest they have been this year paired with the Full Moon on July 1st/2nd their energy is heightened. Each planet holds a vibration. Which planet are you drawn?

Jupiter (the planet on the left)

Jupiter is the planet of good fortune; if you chose this planet then the gods smile on you. You will be blessed with foresight, trust to follow your intuition and visions of the future. Use the Mantra; "I am Blessed!" over and over in your mind to heighten this energy. The next six weeks will be success filed.Be ready to receive.

Full Moon (in the middle)

Witches use the power of the full moon to cast spells - this is because the Full Moon represents and encourages the magical abilities of the caster. You are encouraged to perform a magical spell or ritual on this Full Moon. Do not miss this opportunity because for you, there is no better time to have a spell which will give such wonderful results. If you are uncomfortable performing the spell on your own.I will be happy to help you, please contact me.

Venus (the planet on the right)

Venus' magical affinity is love. You may be feeling damaged from past loves but today and tomorrow the trees will look greener, the sky brighter and life will be an all round pleasure for you. Enjoy yourself using the power of love which is being shined down upon you. Life is about to become romantic, daring and exciting. The object of your desire knows you are there use this energy to also let them know you also care.

Energetic influences Revealed! March 07 2015

Here is the reveal of the four cards which are posted on Facebook: 

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CARD 1: If you chose card one then you will probably be feeling a bit disappointed, you may be feeling let down or you could be in the process of separating from someone whom you have been close to in the past. You will not be feeling broken hearted but there will be a sense of regret. But, remember all the good things which you have in your life. Many new opportunities will come your way in the next four weeks so be very positive.

CARD 2; Are you waiting for a knight in shining armour to come and rescue you from your mundane life?  Or are you rescuing someone else at the moment? The age of chivalry is not dead but it can be a  little bit more discreet than it used to be. Look at the people in your social circle, could one of them think more of you than you think?

CARD 3: A bright new future is opening up for you, how exciting! But, you seem to be holding on to the past and refusing to let go of people, places and emotions which no longer serve you. Be brave, fantastic things and people are coming your way!

CARD 4: If you chose card four then you are about to have success in your life, this will be something which you have been working towards for a while and you will be feeling very proud of your achievements. Celebration is in the air, have a really good time!

A Spring Message for you! February 25 2015


If you chose picture one then there is a message for you from a loved one in spirit. The bench signifies a meeting point, a pace to rest and catch up with an old friend or departed loved one. The message will be one of new beginnings and hope for the Spring.

If you chose picture two then your guide wishes to communicate to you that you are on the right path; Life may seem quiet or lonely but if you were walking through the forest on the path in the picture you would be hearing the sounds of nature, the birds singing, the breeze rustling the newly grown leaves and the snap of twigs a small creatures hide in the undergrowth. Life is constantly moving and changing and your life is the same but perhaps you are not noticing.

If you chose picture three then you are a romantic person who seeks love in all people and all things. In choosing this picture you will be starting something new in Spring, a long awaited dream will be realised or you will become a parent. This is a time for new beginnings and an idea thought of now will be breathed into reality by Summer.