Three cards; get a glimpse of the message for you through the Lions Gate August 09 2015

The magical portal we refer to as the lions gate is still open and if you pass through it then you will receive gifts and a glimpse into the best future for you, the planet and mankind. If you cannot access this yourself try picking a card and seeing what may lie before you. For a more detailed look at your advice for the way forward why not have a look at the Lions Gate Package.

If you chose card 1

Your great gift is related to material possessions; this should become your focus. This statement is not given to you in a shallow manner, in fact quite the opposite, you are being inspired to become an inspiration, to be creative and to lead others. Nurturing these talents will change your life, the lives of those around you and people that you know. Be inspired, grateful and giving.

If you chose card 2

Your message is one of becoming dedicated to a task, becoming whole-heartedly involved in what you are currently involved in. It is the right thing for you. If you are male then you will be in communication with an upbeat and magnetic woman, one who inspires and shines even in your darkest hour. Hold on tight to her, she is in demand.

If you chose card 3

You will be making a journey, travelling and moving forward, this progression is long overdue. You have been in the same place for a good while and it is time to seek out new horizons. Symbols,
spiritual guidance and magical intent will all be involved. Be bold and be brave a spiritual teacher will show you the way.