2015 - What is coming for you? December 13 2014

The ancient art of fortune telling has been passed through the generations of travelling families for centuries, I have been very fortunate to have been taught this art by a highly accomplished fortune teller.  The 2015 predictions reading is based on a mixture of fortune telling and astrological charts and these readings are currently on offer at just £30.00 or approx $47.20 usd  if you book now you will also receive an online reading absolutely free.  On the Indigo Witch page on Facebook i have posted a fortune telling photo of six cards, if you have chosen a card then please read on for the general theme for the following year!

Card One:

You will need to exert yourself in 2015, it is time that you realise who you are and what you are capable of. Finding your own limitations will be an uplifting experience and this new found power will allow you to shine Be aware that you have limits and you are not omnipresent and this year can be the most successful yet!


Card 2

If you chose card two then you will be very realistic this year and you will find solace in hard work. You may be hesitant, cautious and afraid to take chances. The next twelve months should be seen as a building block for the future.

Card 3

2015 will be a profitable year for you, money is the theme of this year and this may be a blessing for a lot of you! Be aware that money does have benefits but is not all there is to life and then you will find a good balance and also prosper.

Card 4

If you chose card 4 then you will have a goal and this goal is worth sticking to!  Try not to be side tracked by disillusionment or an illusion which you may conjure up in your mind. Start to trust your intuition more and to look at the mysteries of the other realms.

Card 5

If you chose this one then you will become embraced by a team, your work will be the foremost thing in the year to come and although this may seem boring it will be all consuming! Learning, study and sharing your own knowledge are all forecast for you! 

Card 6

If you chose this card then a fantastic year lies ahead for you. You will become a person who knows where they are going. You will brighten up a room when you enter it and you will become very attractive to the opposite sex, Use this energy wisely during the next 12 months as you could change the entire direction of your life for the better.


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