What Comes Next? August 31 2015

Following the recent Cosmic events you may be feeling like your life is changing but maybe you do not know in which way or where you are going next, This Free reading will offer you an idea the next step.



If you chose card 1.

You are entering a period of awakening, you have a chance right now to begin understanding the World and the Cosmos. Some of you will begin taking more of an interest in environmental issues or local government, others will be reading or learning about development of your own abilities or spiritual practices. This could be a life changing week if you take advantage of the giftsbeing offered to you.

If you chose Card 2

You are moving forward at a rapid pace at the moment. You will have let go of a lot of baggage and obligations which no longer serve you and are holding you back, now you are lighter and freer. The things which are still in your life are there to stay now, and beginning to value the people who have stood by you and have remained with you will set you up well for the future.

If you chose Card 3

There is travel on the horizon, you will make or book a trip which will be beneficial not just for your health and well-being but also for your long term future. Make time for this, life may be hectic but even if you only travel for a few days you will benefit greatly. You move from rough waters to smooth now, a great time is coming for you.


FREE READING The Energy Of The Super Moon August 25 2015



The next Full Moon on 29th August is a Super Moon. This moon is in the sign of Pisces and this sign is strongly linked with deep emotions. Whether you are a Pisces or not Saturday’s full moon will create unsettled emotions. Relax and look at the cards, choose a card and then read the guidance for that card which will aid you through the next week.

If you chose Card 1

This moon will encourage you to look within yourself for the answers, everything that you need to now is lodged in your higher self and this weekend you will have the prime chance to access this for yourself. Still your mind, allow yourself to be at peace with your life and then monitor your thoughts or imagination. You will find the answers appear right there and then.

If you chose card 2

If you chose this card then you will be feeling on edge, you will be looking at everything which is going on around you in detail, you may even feel a little as though the world is against you. Try not to give into these feelings, it is just the moon’s energy and it will pass soon, should you act on impulse you may regret it in the future. You may be involved in a relationship with a challenging person but the best things in life are worth the extra effort, the rewards you will get will be amazing once you have shown you care enough.

If you chose card 3

If you chose this card then you are probably overloading yourself with your workload. This weekend you may begin to feel overwhelmed, a nasty feeling which can lead you to simply think I have had enough and not bothering to do anything! Try and prioritise your commitments and complete each task one at a time, this will allow you some freedom from your burdens and utilise this moon’s energy fully.


A Cosmic Message For You July 28 2015

Relax, look at this Cosmic Mandala, which of the three images stands out for you? Choose the image, add your choice to the comments and then read on to see what message there is for you.. 


Image 1

If you chose Image one then you are trying to control a person or situation, you are doing this because of your insecurities not because you are at risk of losing anything. Sometimes, our own beliefs mask the truth, because something in your past has tainted your thoughts does not mean that history will repeat itself. There are forces at work greater than you can imagine. Try and enjoy things as they are, be open and expressive and watch everything change for the better.


Image 2

There is a very spiritual person who is close to you, many of you will know who this is and already be closely connected. If you are involved then be accepting of the gifts and the energy this person gives to you, they want nothing in return. Your own balance is out at the moment, this will be making you feel stressed, insecure and possibly tense. But, do not worry, something is coming which will restore your equilibrium and then you will be able to stand in your own power comfortably. Acceptance is the key.


Image  3

There are so many ideas and dreams which are floating around in your mind but you hold yourself back. You have issues to resolve, matters to see to and as we say here;  ”More baggage than Heathrow!” These matters are getting on top of you but with application and determination you will sort them out one by one and then you can start afresh. But, in the meantime, dare to dream, let your imagination run riot, not to escape reality but to let yourself know that what you truly want will wait for you and it is a prize worth having whatever the difficulties which have to be faced. 



Three Cards for June June 10 2015

Relax, look at the three cards which one are you drawn too? Write your choice as a comment and then click the photo to read what to expect for the rest of June.



If you chose:

Card 1

Overcoming fears is one of the greatest challenges we all face, where do the fears come from? What has made you terrified of flying, spiders or snakes? Can you remember who or what caused you to have an irrational fear. Other people deal with these situations as part of normal life but for some people even visiting the supermarket is threatening. During the next three weeks you will face a fear and overcome it, what an exhilarating feeling, you will be freed!

Card 2

"Oh,What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive". This famous quote taken from Marmion, a poem by Walter Scott is totally apt for you in the coming weeks. But, who is deceiving who? Only you will know that, but should you be the deceiver be warned you will be found out. If you are squeaky clean at the moment then be warned, someone you know is not so honest and their deception will be revealed very soon. 

Card 3

Do you ever ponder your life so far? You have achieved so much, met so many people, been to many places and dealt with many issues both good and bad. So, why now do you feel like you have little going for you. Look at all you have, your home and your family, your many possessions;the list will go on and on. This change of perspective will change your future for the better. As you stand at a crossroads at the moment then making a choice will be easier when you are thinking clearly, be proactive with your thoughts and see your life improve.







White Horses, a Spell for healing and Beginning again June 07 2015

The Vikings may not be known for their magical abilities but in fact they were tremendous magicians. The Vikings landed here where I live many centuries ago but they did not conquer us, in fact they blended into society; they learned the language, married local girls and brought their customs and beliefs in to our Island culture which over time has merged become our own. This is a Traditional Norse spell for you to try, it is designed to allow you to make a fresh start in love or work or to heal a breach in an existing relationship or friendship.

 Water magic is some of the most powerful and this spell needs to be cast at the beach, it cannot be adapted to inland bodies of water.  

White Horses a Spell for healing and Beginning again

Cast this spell on the waning moon as the tide is coming in.

You will need:

A silver coin, 2 shells collected on the evening of casting from the shore, a small glass of wine and some Vervain leaves if you have none growing then dried will suffice.


Hold the vervain, coin and the shells in your left hand,  and ask for the blessing of the waning moon, drink a toast to the moon, the sea and the gods, as you drink your wine sit quietly and empty your mind, when peace is found fill your thoughts with your intent for the spell.

Stand, throw one shell as far in to the sea as you can. Chanting your wish as you do so.

Take the second shell and write in the sand your wish and your name, write this beneath the high tide line. Count seven waves hitting the shore and then bury the coin, the vervain and the shell in the sand in the centre of your sand writing.

Now, sit up the beach and watch the sea collect your wish as the tide washes over your writing and whilst you watch chant:

“Tide o tide take my wish,

let new beginnings come to me”  

Easter Monday reveal! April 06 2015

Have you chosen a card from the three posted on Facebook? If so here is the reveal. If you like my readings then you will be interested in a reduced price  on- line reading. Just 9 available so be quick!

Card one


If you chose this card then you are being urged to open your eyes to everything going on around you at home and at work. Be ready for action, if you are vigilant you will spot something going on which you have been missing! Will you rise to this challenge and highlight the thing which is disrupting your life? Time to take the blinkers of and use logic and reason.


Card Two


This week may see you quarrelling over nothing and feeling under pressure from your peers. Being hassled by other people and constantly defending yourself can be draining. But, why is this happening? Perhaps it is not, it may be your state of mind which is making you feel paranoid, if so take some time out and restore your natural balance.


Card Three


If you chose this card then you will have a wish come true in the next three weeks. Think about what you have been wanting to happen, what your heart is desiring and then feel happy and confident that you will be making a big leap in that direction very soon. Try enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

Here Are the Three Cards Revealed! February 14 2015

Here is the reveal of the three cards which are in the photo post on Facebook. The 18th February is a very special New Moon, it is a black moon and a Super Moon. The lunar influence of this New Moon is one of New energy. The card you chose will reveal the new energy coming around you and will give you an indication of how to use this energy to your best advantage.You may like to consider an energy reading or a guide reading to help you utilize this chance to improve your life, both are on offer, click all products to read more.The guide reading comes with a Free New Moon Spell to help you create a new beginning in your life.  

Card 1

If you chose Card 1 then you are about to move from choppy waters to smooth; a move is about to happen for you. This move may be physical or spiritual but whichever one it is for you a new space will open for you which will change your life. The new energy that you are moving into is one of accepting that change can be good! Embrace any opportunities to relocate your work or your home and if you have the chance to travel put aside any fears and go for it.


Card 2

If you chose card 2 you will be suffering from anxiety, you are too worried about a situation and this is preventing you from seeing things as they truly are. Fear is blocking you and until you cease worrying you will not be able to see the root cause of your issue. Once you can take a step back then you will be able to see what is really wrong and then the solution will present itself. Letting go of fear takes faith and the new energy around you is one of self belief.   


Card 3

If you chose card 3 then you are entering into a period of change. You will have become bored with life or frustrated with your work and you know that change is needed; but how to make this change escapes you and you add to your frustration because you cannot see a way forward. All the answers are already within you and if you could still your mind you would eventually find the clarity you need. Your new energy to work with is one of self development.  


2015 - What is coming for you? December 13 2014

The ancient art of fortune telling has been passed through the generations of travelling families for centuries, I have been very fortunate to have been taught this art by a highly accomplished fortune teller.  The 2015 predictions reading is based on a mixture of fortune telling and astrological charts and these readings are currently on offer at just £30.00 or approx $47.20 usd  if you book now you will also receive an online reading absolutely free.  On the Indigo Witch page on Facebook i have posted a fortune telling photo of six cards, if you have chosen a card then please read on for the general theme for the following year!

Card One:

You will need to exert yourself in 2015, it is time that you realise who you are and what you are capable of. Finding your own limitations will be an uplifting experience and this new found power will allow you to shine Be aware that you have limits and you are not omnipresent and this year can be the most successful yet!


Card 2

If you chose card two then you will be very realistic this year and you will find solace in hard work. You may be hesitant, cautious and afraid to take chances. The next twelve months should be seen as a building block for the future.

Card 3

2015 will be a profitable year for you, money is the theme of this year and this may be a blessing for a lot of you! Be aware that money does have benefits but is not all there is to life and then you will find a good balance and also prosper.

Card 4

If you chose card 4 then you will have a goal and this goal is worth sticking to!  Try not to be side tracked by disillusionment or an illusion which you may conjure up in your mind. Start to trust your intuition more and to look at the mysteries of the other realms.

Card 5

If you chose this one then you will become embraced by a team, your work will be the foremost thing in the year to come and although this may seem boring it will be all consuming! Learning, study and sharing your own knowledge are all forecast for you! 

Card 6

If you chose this card then a fantastic year lies ahead for you. You will become a person who knows where they are going. You will brighten up a room when you enter it and you will become very attractive to the opposite sex, Use this energy wisely during the next 12 months as you could change the entire direction of your life for the better.


I am doing some fortune telling in December, either palmistry of crystal ball. Here is the link please have a look at this new service.