FREE READING The Energy Of The Super Moon August 25 2015



The next Full Moon on 29th August is a Super Moon. This moon is in the sign of Pisces and this sign is strongly linked with deep emotions. Whether you are a Pisces or not Saturday’s full moon will create unsettled emotions. Relax and look at the cards, choose a card and then read the guidance for that card which will aid you through the next week.

If you chose Card 1

This moon will encourage you to look within yourself for the answers, everything that you need to now is lodged in your higher self and this weekend you will have the prime chance to access this for yourself. Still your mind, allow yourself to be at peace with your life and then monitor your thoughts or imagination. You will find the answers appear right there and then.

If you chose card 2

If you chose this card then you will be feeling on edge, you will be looking at everything which is going on around you in detail, you may even feel a little as though the world is against you. Try not to give into these feelings, it is just the moon’s energy and it will pass soon, should you act on impulse you may regret it in the future. You may be involved in a relationship with a challenging person but the best things in life are worth the extra effort, the rewards you will get will be amazing once you have shown you care enough.

If you chose card 3

If you chose this card then you are probably overloading yourself with your workload. This weekend you may begin to feel overwhelmed, a nasty feeling which can lead you to simply think I have had enough and not bothering to do anything! Try and prioritise your commitments and complete each task one at a time, this will allow you some freedom from your burdens and utilise this moon’s energy fully.