FREE Releasing Ritual October 11 2015

This month’s New moon is extra special; it is a moon of inspiration, it has extra potency due to it being opposite Uranus and Mercury being in the North Mode. It is a time to ask for guidance, to open yourself up to the clues the Universe will send to you and make a note of them as they will lay the foundations for your future. The Uranus connection will also aid the releases of friendships and relationships which are becoming frayed or worn.

Here is a free release spell which I encourage everyone to use this New Moon, this really is the best time for you to release the things which are not serving your higher purpose. There may not be a time as perfect as now any time soon, and do not forget you are living in the now.

 Releasing Ritual;

  1. On the New Moon, write down the things you want to release from your life. Write each one down on a separate piece of paper.
  2. Once you have written all the things you want to release down, go outside.
  3. When outside, take one piece of paper (only one at a time) and rip them to shreds whilst chanting; "free my being from harm, free my heart from sadness and release them to this wind".
  4. Keep doing this until all your pieces of paper have been released to the Earth and wind, carried away from you.

 If you would like help with releasing and receiving guidance, here is something that can help you.