Choose a card for this week! July 09 2015



If you chose Card 1:

What are you dreaming of? What would you really like to happen in your life? Have you plans or hopes for your future? If so then this week you will see them begin to take shape. This will put a spring in your step and a sparkle in your eyes. But, if you thoughts have been of doom and gloom or  what may go wrong then change them quickly. This is a week of wishes coming true make wishes filled with happy events and positive actions. Then fly high.

Card 2

Abundance is central to your week, not necessarily financial abundance although for a few of you this will be the case. Abundance can take many forms, love, happiness, comfort each can be in a plentiful supply if you open your mind to the possibilities. Also if you chose this card then you will be spending time either with or thinking about your mother. Many of you will have lost this special person from your life and you will find memories flooding back.

Card 3

A new beginning is coming for you, one which you will embrace completely and commit to entirely. This new happening may be a project, a job or a new business idea whichever it is which is presented to  you do think carefully before you decline and retreat into the safe world which you have created. This may be a once in a lifetime chance for you and in saying yes you will open doors into a bright new world for you to play in. Embrace change.