The magical blue moon July 26 2015

Blue Moon

On July 31st there is a Blue Moon, this is the name given to the second full moon to fall within one calendar month. The Blue Moon also effects the weather, Farmers will have noticed this many months ago and if you live in the countryside you will have noticed the harvest has begun much earlier than usual. August will be wet, windy and have unseasonable meteorological events.

 The term Blue Moon is considered to be a modern day popular term but the earliest record of the phrase Blue Moon is in The Oxford English Dictionary in 1528 this proverb is the entry:

“If they say the moon is blue

We must believe that it is true.”

A Blue Moon is a time for wishes and for truths, for when emotions are aired on the night of a Blue Moon they will remain the truth for a year to come. But, these emotions must be real, not imaginary or wishful thinking. Listen to what is being said to you on 31st July because what you hear will be the truth. It is also a very fortunate time, your luck will be better than usual.

Witches fly high on the Full Moon and on a Blue Moon they fly high but also see the truth in their own lives and in those of others. So, if you do not want to know the truth then do not ask on a Blue Moon but if you search for answers then a reading on Friday will allow you to see clearly.