Super Full Blood Moon and How It will Affect You! January 20 2019



Are you feeling the effects of the energy building for Monday’s Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse? This Moon will bring with it some high emotions, you may have been feeling a strange sadness deep within you, as if something is ending but you do not know what, or you could be feeling tense and jumpy, snapping at people for no reason. This energy can also be making you feel unwell, you may have aches and pains, be feeling off colour and out of alignment, or not sleeping well. These Moon symptoms will pass, and you should feel restored by the middle of next week, if not, then you would be well advised to get a check-up.

Astrologically, this is a moon of major shifts and transformation. It will lie one degree in Leo, and it will be heavily influenced by Uranus, this could bring you unexpected news which will make your future plans seem uncertain. Your life will speed up next week and it may seem hectic as you chase your tail trying to restore balance and order.

But new opportunities will spring from the uncertainty, as this moon shifts your energy onto a better path for 2019.

Self-control and patience will be needed in abundance over the coming days, as miscommunication, mood swings, and lack of focus and commitment will seem to block your way. Be adaptable and try not to panic! This phase will pass and, in its wake, will come calmer seas and contentment.

The best spell work for this Moon will revolve around your goals and resolutions for this year. What have you chosen to encourage into your life in 2019 and how are your plans progressing? Your resolve may be tested but a spell for resilience or strength would help you greatly.

This could be a challenging period, but it will pass and if you are adaptable you will come out of it with new ideas and new opportunities.

Internationally, a fixed star will have influence over this moon, and some issues relating to the sea, rivers or boats could be in the news!

Stay safe, stay calm and be adaptable and you will use this energy wisely and be ready for the energetic shifts which are beginning now.

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Enjoy the Blood Moon!