Strawberry Moon Free Reading 28th June 18 June 28 2018

The energy of the Full Moon is heavy and is causing us all to feel stuck or like life is slow moving. The top row of cards 1. 2, and 3 represent your current challenges, Cards 4,5 and 6 are guidance on what will help you to move forward using this moon's energy. 

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If you chose Card 1

You will be seeking success, but this will have seemed to be stalled or at least delayed for the time being! You may be expecting a visitor, but again there could be a delay until you hear if they are definitely going to come. Things in your home and personal life could feel stagnant.

If you Chose Card 2

You will be longing for change, this could seem very much as if it is on the horizon, but you may have found in the last couple of days you have lost sight of your goal. Domestic contentment may be hard to find as you will feel uncomfortable and bored doing things which did give you pleasure.

If You Chose Card 3

You will have had your head in the clouds, dreaming of the life that you would like to be living lately, but suddenly, you have come crashing to the ground! It is important that you focus on what is actually happening in your life right at this moment!


The Best Action for You To Take.

If you chose Card 4

You will need to have a more adventurous view of life and take a few risks! It seems you probably enjoy routine and security, but the energy of this full moon asks you to be bolder and more daring! If you take a chance now you will get good results!


If you chose Card 5

You are being advised to broaden your horizons, to stretch yourself and to reach for the stars. You have been living a very closed life, with a small circle of friends and or a close family, try and test yourself and widen your scope. Try new things, mix with new people as well as your old friends and you will improve your situation.


If you chose Card 6

You have been trying to control or manipulate a situation and you have been getting nowhere as other people’s defences have gone up rapidly! Try and release your control, focus on your own life and your own desires. If you associate with people who make you feel stressed, then now is the time to step away from them.