September Tarotscopes September 02 2018


Here are your Tarotscopes for September! 

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This month will begin slowly for you, you may feel that during the first 10 days nothing is moving forward. This will be frustrating, especially, if you are hopeful of a positive change in your life. Have you done all you can to speed up the situation? If so, then waiting patiently and busying yourself with other things is the answer. But, if you are sitting back hoping someone else will do things for you, then your wait will be long! Waiting for others does not really sit well with you, as your sign likes action and to be in control.

The second half of the month will see your finances highlighted. You may have unexpected bills or less money than you thought you had! This will be a temporary situation, but it may limit what you are able to do or plan for the near future.


Your month will be quite pleasant, you will feel content and happy in your home and your family life. This will come as a blessing as you may have had to struggle with issues or health matters recently, so to have reached a point of contentment will be a major achievement. Try and focus on this moment, rather than making extensive plans for the future, the time for planning will come soon, but for now be content with what you have!

The second half of the month will bring you fortunate news about finances. The message you receive may contain promises for the future, but it is still very positive. Remember to have fun! Quite often Taurus people can be intense and forget that there is more to life than work, worries and being weary! Arrange some events with your friends or family that you will enjoy and for the brief time you are relaxing, forget everything else and simply have fun!  


Currently, you will be feeling a little unsure of yourself, the Full Moon and the previous eclipses will have shaken you up a bit and your self-belief and your direction will have seemed to have changed. It is possible that you will no longer want what you wanted in the Spring, but what is next? It is most likely that you are not sure! It is that self-doubt and hesitancy which is slowing you down at the moment, but, if you can step back and detach for a while you will gain clarity and vision for the next step. Try not to make snap decisions, especially if they are connected to plans from earlier on this year.

The second part of the month will see new opportunities and widening horizons. Travel is possible, as you will realise that the only thing holding you back is you! Take the first two weeks in September to reflect on your life so far and then as the month draws to a close be ready to power forward, leaving people and situation which are no longer serving you behind.


You may be feeling emotional as September begins, old friends or people who have passed away will be on your mind for no reason! This is a time of release for you, the thoughts from the past you are experiencing are allowing you to review and release. Try and do this, if you do you will be lighter and freer. This month you will have an opportunity to begin something new! For many of you, this will relate to your self-image, you may begin a diet, join the gym or kit yourself out with a new wardrobe or hairstyle. How you see yourself is very important, so the steps you take now will allow you a fresh start, almost like a recreation process if you work with the energy. Should you work against the flow, you will feel down and unworthy!

If you try September can be a turning point in your life, the elusive things you seek will become reality and your dreams will begin to happen, but you need to reflect, release and recreate yourself first. Septembers energy is allowing you to do this.


Do you ever wonder why you allow your mind to make monkeys? When you are not stimulated, busy or overstretching yourself, your automatic response will be to create issues which are not actually happening, so you can work out how to deal with them. This, of course, is a futile use of energy, as you cannot find solutions for imagined problems, but you can manifest them! This month be mindful, what are you really thinking about? What is troubling you and does it have any substance in reality? In seeking out where your malaise lies, you can begin to understand what steps you need to take to make yourself happier. Things are rarely as they seem, and fiery Leos are highly unlikely to admit to any weaknesses, but if you have a crack developing in any area of your life now is the time to locate it and fashion a repair or find a replacement!  

The last week of September will bring a wish coming true for you, this will bring you great joy and optimism for the future!


You need to restore your natural balance in September! Summer has been fun, but just like you are preparing your garden for winter, so your body and your home needs making ready too. Gone are the days of having to store wood and food for the long winter months, but there are things that you need to do. Look at your diet, are you eating high vibrational foods such as fruit and vegetables or are you seeking convenient processed meals? How much exercise do you have, and could you sign up for study during the winter months? These questions will be easily answered if you think about your life and your routine. Implementing a plan now will stave of colds and flu, it will allow you to shine through the darker months instead of feeling blue.

In the latter part of September, a doctor’s appointment will bring you valuable advice! Do not shy away from exploring health possibilities as potentially this could set you free. The influence of an older respected man will help you greatly, be accepting of advice and respectful of other people’s boundaries as well as your own!


Things will seem to be up in the air this month, you will not be sure what is going on or where you are heading! The ideas you are having now all have potential, these are inspirations, but you will need to take action to make them your reality. As September begins you will feel left is right and black is white, but as the month closes you will be well aligned with the real you and feeling much surer about yourself and your situation. Be careful that you are not projecting a false image of yourself to others, how you see yourself is what others see, so if you are used to being indecisive or weak, this is how you will be being perceived, but this is not who you truly are!  This is the month to dispel illusions which have been created by you or about you. Be brave and be who you want to be, this bold act will open doorways which have previously been closed to you. A dog or cat will require attention, act as soon as you can.

September is a month for you to focus on you, try not to be distracted!


You are deep and hold a lot inside you! You can smoulder for weeks about matters rather than being more expressive and speaking your piece. During September, you will be forced to speak out about a situation or issue which you hold very dear, you may find this difficult as your natural response will be to lock away your thoughts, but if you vocalise your belief then you will be surprised by the reaction you receive. Holding in emotions is not good for anyone, even if it is your natural response! If you are in a fragile relationship with a gentleman, you may not feel secure enough in the situation to speak your mind, but if you do, you will know the way forward which will relieve a lot of your current anxiety. Changes need to be made in your life, the time is not quite right yet, but being more expressive will pave the way.  

September will end on a positive note, if you have made an insurance claim or another application for funds, you will receive a positive response. You may have waited a while for this, so having everything sorted out will be a relief.


As a Sagittarian, you will like people who are upfront and honest just like you! People who cast the illusion of being weak or over emotional will not be your cup of tea unless they have a genuine issue which you can help them with. This does not make you hard faced, simply true o your own values. This month you will attract someone into your life who is super sensitive, overemotional and unbalanced. Initially, you will want to help, but very soon you will see the illusion they are casting on you and you will back away in a hurry!

You are always very Intune with the Universal energies, but this month you will find your intuition extra strong and reliable.  When you listen to your inner guidance system you will not go wrong, so if you have an important choice to make listen to your feelings and your body’s physical reaction, if it feels wrong do not do it.

For single people seeking love, an encounter this month will lead to much more, so be excited!


Are you trying to be everything to everybody? You are probably rushing around all day, checking up on family and friends on the phone and mothering those who are weaker than most! But what about you? When do you get time to meet your own needs? Often when somebody slips into the trap you are in, where they are happily taking on a lot and smiling whilst they do it, receive no help, it is viewed just as what you do, and should you complain you will get little support. The choices that you have made in the past will be limiting you now, but you will feel you have no option but to push on even if you are feeling unappreciated. Try asking yourself if your intervention and help is actually serving a purpose, or if you are allowing the person you are helping to not take greater responsibility? You will feel frustrated, in September but remember you are in control of your own destiny and how you use your time is your own business, just try not to be annoyed if you feel taken for granted.

As the month ends a bird will seem to be following you around, this thrush or robin or similar sized bird will be there each time you step outside. This is a message to you, your guides and the spirits of your past loved ones are with you are supporting you. When you see this bird smile and offer thanks,


You are being very generous, you are giving all the time, but are people returning the favour or are they just taking from you? During September you will be drawn to asking yourself is it worth it? Is the effort you are putting into relationships, friendships or your business being appreciated? For many giving is a natural response, but when you are giving to the wrong people you will be becoming drained of energy and drive. Take time to look in detail at everyone or everything you are giving extra effort to, what would happen if you backed away? This month there will be a need for you to do everything correctly, if you cut corners now or do a quick job then you will regret it in the future. Take time during September, see that you are completing tasks fully, then you can afford yourself some rest.

You may be starting your Christmas preparations early, making lists of what you would like to get and planning what you would like to do! This is an excellent idea, plan now and you will not have stress and anxiety in December!


How are you feeling? You may have been under the weather or you could be experiencing anxiety. If you are then you will need to rebalance your energies, you could seek out a spiritual healer in your area or try practising some self-healing techniques. Sleepless nights have an obvious effect on your waking day and this will contribute largely to any anxiety you are suffering. Adequate rest is required! Take steps to correct your sleep/wake balance, whatever is bothering you will soon pass, but mistakes you make due to tiredness may take longer to pass. You will be feeling edgy, the slightest creak or groan at night will make you sit up in alarm! Seek the cause of your stress if you do not know what it is, and then you can take action to correct things or move on.

You will prove how mentally strong you are in September, this will surprise you but others know that you have a large reserve of inner strength, it is only you who doubts your abilities.