Sample Past Life Reading May 19 2019

This Past Life Reading was originally written for a client, it turns out that she was about to begin a degree in Herbalism when she ordered the reading and she loved being in forests, but rarely went alone!  She suggested I share her reading with you, so you knew exactly what you received and how it helped her. 

You are a young woman around 14 years old, you are dressed in a long dress which reaches the ground and over the top, you wear a crisp white apron. You also wear a cloak and a white bonnet. You are carrying a basket and you walk through the forest. You are collecting mushrooms and wild herbs. It seems to be early morning. The sun is shining, and its light is filtering through the canopies of the trees. Birds are singing, and the air seems totally still. You are very relaxed, this is something that you do often, and you very much enjoy this morning walk into the forest. You hear a sudden movement and as you turn around you see a stag watching you. You smile at the beast, you have seen him before. You are off the path, and you had thought you were a little lost, but after seeing the stag you feel confident that you know where you are. Very soon you find a small clearing and beneath a fallen tree is what looks like an abandoned dwelling. You want to go and look, but your instincts are telling you to press on and not to stop. But your curiosity overcomes you and you slowly walk to the fallen tree.  

You see a small fire which looks to have been hastily put out, it is still warm, so you look around again, but you seem to be alone. Inside the dwelling you see a coat and a knife, you realise that whoever is staying here deep in the woods will return soon or perhaps they are hiding and watching you. You pick up your basket and run towards the sunlight which indicates where the path will be. Quickly you leave the woods and return to the abbey where you live and work.

When you get back you are flustered. You are training to become a herbalist, you rush into the hut in which a nun is leaning over a table working. She shouts at you for running and banging, when she looks at you, she sees that you are distressed so you relate to you your experience in the woods. She sees that you have lost your gatherings in your panic and she puts on her cloak and tells you to get the basket and you will go together and see what you have discovered and collect the herbs she needs for her tinctures. You are afraid, but she reassures you and you go with her. You tell her of the Stag, she crosses herself and mumbles a prayer.

You both walk the woods for some time, but you cannot find the fallen tree again.

You are thinking of taking holy orders and that is why you are in the abbey. You have a talent for making remedies and for healing, but this episode has made your teacher doubt your suitability and your faith. Suddenly, your future is in doubt. It is known people live in the woods and also that fugitives also hide out there, but the emergence and your connection with the stag indicate that perhaps you are on the wrong path. From that day forward your life changes. A simple fear of the unknown leads to you being cast out of the abbey and left to return to your home. You continue with your herbalism, teaching yourself and becoming a midwife and strangely living in the woods. 

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