Sagittarius New Moon -4th December 2021 December 04 2021

The Sagittarius New Moon 4th December 2021

Currently, we are all feeling the effects of Sagittarian energy! This may feel alien to many of you, as the Sagittarian drive for Truth, Justice and Freedom may be averse to your own sign’s energy and your personality. Sagittarians are the zodiacs philosophers; they seek answers and are never happier tan when they are figuring out one of life’s great mysteries. They are also truthful individuals, who find the burden of stress unbearable, and they will go all out to find solutions to all their woes before they become unwell. The energy of this new moon is pure Sagittarius, and it comes with a word of caution: Words have power, and during the next two weeks you may feel inspired to speak your truth in the bold Sagittarius way, without realising that the consequences may outweigh the relief you feel at speaking out. The typical Sagittarian is a deep thinker, one who will consider all angles before being their true and honest self, and although they may seem hot-headed and spontaneous, they really are not! This Moon phases energy will make you want to speak your truth, before your do, think can I manage the fallout?

These next two weeks you will be inspired, you will be thinking of what your real dream life is…

Would you like to move to another country? Perhaps a career change, or maybe to complete that project which you keep pushing away when life takes over? Now is your time to select the contents of the next chapter in your life, to take aim and fire the arrow of desire out into the unknown. The sign of the archer makes everything possible,

This moon phase marks the end of an 18-month period which has been difficult, write your next phase with clarity and d possibility. What if you do not know what your desire is, and you are stuck in a rut of washing, cleaning, working, sleeping repeat? Click Here to find out how I can  help.