Sagittarius Full Moon Reveal June 17 2019


The energy of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, today 17th June, will have set in motion a shift in your energy and mindset. Please choose a card from the picture and then read how this shift will most likely be affecting you. 

If you chose Card 1

The Sagittarius Full Moon’s energy will have been making you feel emotional. It seems that you have been repressing feelings, thoughts, and emotions and these now are needing to be released. For some of you, you will have been not speaking out for many years, and your thoughts will have drifted back to the past and you may have experienced repeating situations, which highlight the times when you have stayed quiet out of fear of rocking the boat. This Full Moon will create a shift in your energy, you will feel more empowered and you will begin to express yourself with more ease.

If you chose Card 2

You will find that your romantic or emotional feelings will change very suddenly. You may have felt in a rut with your partner or you could have been feeling like you will be alone forever! You will find that in the next two weeks, you will change your mindset where your love life is concerned. You will shift your priorities from other people and on to yourself and your own needs. You will begin to value yourself more and when this happens you will begin to love yourself for who you are. This shift will be liberating, plus you will begin to attract a soul mate to you!

If you chose Card 3

You will begin to realise how mentally strong you are. Often, we feel weak, like we need support or help constantly, the energy of this moon will be making you think back to all the situations and events that you have faced so far in your life, and you will realise how you have come through them and prospered. All of these situations have strengthened you, and when you feel weak or powerless you will know you have faced worse before and handled it well! Learn to ask your angels to assist you, in sharing your burdens with them, you are assured of support and love.