October Tarotscopes October 07 2018

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Repressed feelings and emotions in a relationship or friendship issue are boiling up and you are about ready to blow your top! After all that you have done, you still feel unsupported and rejected. An argument is brewing, one in which you will speak your mind in no uncertain terms. But, is everything everybody else’s fault? Could it be that when you thought you were being helpful and aiding your relationship, you could have been doing what you wanted and not what your partner wanted? Give it some thought, before you explode! Whoever it is you are feeling aggrieved by, take a moment to try and see their point of view too! Words spoken in anger cannot be erased with an apology, be wise and think before you speak.


You may feel doubtful that you have made the right decision recently! You can sometimes doubt yourself, but this time seems a bit more of a problem. Try and think back to the events which made your choice necessary, when you do this you will see that you had no other choice. You will be feeling that you need to do a little soul searching, this will mean you will lose yourself in your thoughts or that you will have a desire to meditate. You will also find that a wish comes true for you, something you have been hoping for will begin happening! This will bring a change in your fortunes, good luck will be yours, what will you do with it?


You need to restore your balance fast! You have either been placing yourself under too much stress or perhaps you have been under the weather, but whatever has caused you an imbalance, has now passed, so it is time to right yourself! You will be tempted into a new purchase, this could be large if so, try before you buy! Now is not the time for snap decisions for you, take your time, read reviews and have a trial if possible. You may also have had some worries connecting to either a child or a pregnancy, being a parent can be challenging, but all the effort will have proved worthwhile. You may seek the advice of a professional person, this would be an excellent idea, and would relieve a lot of stress from you.


During this period, you will feel inspired, you will sense that a new beginning is close, even if you are not sure what it is! Of course, your senses are telling you correctly, there is a new start on offer, but this new chance may be disguised, hidden in the midst of the familiar and sometimes we do not see what is right under our noses! Be vigilant, and try not to limit yourself. You may find nothing stunning happens for about 10-12 weeks, but if you are aware you will know what is coming and the wait will not matter to you. There will be a happiness about you, you will feel that life is ok, and this will make October flow, and the time will fly for you.


This is a month of new beginnings for you! You will take the first steps on a new journey. As this new chapter opens for you, you will feel a mix of anxiety and of excitement! This will be a sign that you are on the right path, it is good to challenge yourself, this is the anxiety and it's exciting as it's right for you! Things will seem unsettled at first, maintain your focus and push forward! Success is coming for you, and whilst you may feel apprehensive, once the energy starts flowing you will embrace the new you and release the lingering doubts. By next Summer, you will be in a wonderful place in life, during the in-between months you will be learning and growing. This month is a foundation, a time to think only of the future and what you are building for yourself.


You will suffer from some self-doubt this month, and this insecurity will make you feel edgy. Try not to overthink, if you begin digging deeper into things searching for problems, you will create issues which should not be there! Be strict with yourself, try not to let your mind wander, and keep yourself busy!  You may feel like your intuition is guiding you, but when you are being led by your instincts you will feel it in your gut when you feel things in your mind, it is most likely your imagination. Your passing through a phase of good luck, this will be amplified if you can be positive about yourself and your life choices. Seek out your own company, try being at one with yourself more, and you should find the key that you are searching for.


A lot of you will be taking a journey this month, this may just be a day trip, but it will be to somewhere new. This may seem a nuisance or a waste of time, but it will be enjoyable! You are challenging yourself needlessly and taking a more laid-back attitude will help you greatly. How much contact do you have with your mother? Or perhaps if she is no longer with you, then she has been in thoughts more recently. If so, this unbreakable maternal bond is being sent to help you, think about your connection with your mother, what lessons did you learn from her? Even if your relationship was not the best, your memories will help you now. You are challenging yourself but is this a challenge based in reality or fear?


For much of your life you have searched for contentment, a happy and settled home and family where you are free to be who you really are, but once you reach this point you could become restless and frustrated! You are very deep, and you are holding on to the past too tightly. This is preventing you from fully appreciating the moment, and from realising exactly what you want from life. You are also under an illusion which is being cast by a male, this man may not be your partner but he is being what he is not, you sense this but you are not following up on your instincts. Dig deeper before you connect too deeply with this person. Things are rarely as they seem, and your powerful spiritual gifts and trying to alert you to this. It is time to awaken to what is happening around you,


Your hopes and dreams really are coming true, although, situations and events of recent weeks may have made you feel knocked and a little bruised! You have plans for the future, but not clear goals, more an inclination of this is where I want to be. It is time now to begin building a plan of the stepping stones that you will need to put in place that will take you to your goals. You are a great strategist, and when armed with a plan you will have direction and focus. To others, your plans may seem like pipe dreams, but it is time to prove them wrong. Strive to set in place the building blocks you need, even if this is only on paper, and you will feel stronger and happier. An argument is brewing, you will not be troubled by this, but you may need to be prepared! Focus on the future, sign up for the courses or establish connections and be ready for an exciting ride.


Changes are coming! Are you ready? These changes may come as a little surprise, and some of you may not see them as a good thing! Your natural instinct will be to cling on to what you have, to persist and to hold on tight. But, some things need to change, when you do not release the old, how can you accept the new? Imagine if you bought a new sofa, but kept your old one in place as well! This is like your life, your mind and your days will be cluttered if you do not accept change and release the old bonds and ties. You will also feel judged harshly by a woman who has a difficult reputation, this will be difficult, but situations like this will keep repeating until you are brave enough to say, “Enough!” and move forward.


There is tension in the air! It seems that the chill of Autumn will have begun to reflect in a relationship or friendship and the tension that is building within you will soon erupt into fireworks! You have been giving, and forgiving, but you feel like nothing has been offered to you in return and that all your efforts are unappreciated. Try and think about the situation, what were your motivations for your altruism? You may have felt compassion, but were you expecting things to develop further? It is time for you to knuckle down and make a plan for your own future, and make sure that this time you put yourself first! People come and go in our lives, but each one of them is there for a reason? The situation you are in is a wake-up call! Do you hear the alarm ringing?


There is deception in the air, but who is deceiving who? Or are you deceiving yourself? At the moment, there is a need for you to do all things properly. All your endeavours will benefit from more planning and focus, success is assured if you can put your faith in your ability to be organised and to organise others. Honesty is always the best policy, and during October you will discover this for yourself! A person who is younger than you will blow open a door which has seemed locked, this will provide a new future for both of you, but will it be one that you are brave enough to take on? Your month will flow better if you use planning and diplomacy, honesty and open speech. Your natural instincts will be to be guarded, but this month requires openness.