November New Moon; Out of the Darkness in to the Light November 29 2016

At last! We have reached the turning point in energy, the long phase of twelve new moon’s of letting go and clearing has ended! Tonight’s New Moon heralds the beginning of your awakening, of the Worlds awakening! Sagittarius is an electric energy, a powerful driver to push yourself into new adventures, new opportunities and new beginnings. The closet of your life will have been cleared, the negative energies which you held on to for the sake of security will have been banished and your energy is light and fresh and ready. But, what next?

Globally, discrepancies and frauds will be exposed and a new era of democracy will follow. The World will become more feminine, a balance between the genders and the energies which they emit will aid peace on Earth, albeit a shaky peace at first!

But, what of you and your life? Have you cleared your closets? Perhaps you have moved or left a destructive relationship or maybe someone has left you? For the new to enter your life you need the old to have left, so wipe away the tears, this is the time that Soul Mates will be drawn together if you are sad then your energy will not attract this special person. Realize that there is a reason why you have lost things during 2016 and be very expectant about the joy which will replace them. Remember true love is peace, is that what you had?

Sagittarius energy reaches for the light, we have spent too long in the dark. New and exciting energy will surround you, new opportunities are coming your way and any reservations from the past will be driven out by the light entering your life.

To use this energy wisely, review 2016 in your mind, think what is no longer in your life which was last December, then think what do you want to do next! Your guides will be clear in their directions to you, so look for signs and analyze dreams but telling them what you would like would be a blessing too, so be clear and positive in your thoughts. I will tell you more about guide signs and their meanings this week.

Most of all, now you can be what you want to be,

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Life is about to become exciting, adventurous and positive, say goodbye to sadness, rejection, poverty or any other negative situations and feeling and start to live to your best potential today! You deserve the best life for you and from tonight that is now available to you.