New Moon In Taurus, the new you is the authentic you!! April 22 2020

This month’s New Moon will lie in the constellation of Taurus, on 23 April in the UK, the 22nd In USA. This New Moon does bring us much of the same as we have been experiencing, and its positioning and alignment with other planets and fixed stars suggests limitations, frustration, and sudden and swift changes, which are not necessarily good. This sounds very dark, but there are steps that you can take which will not only make this moon beneficial to you but also speed up the Earth’s and mankind’s recovery.

First and foremost, you will feel impatient, you will want to break free and begin to live your old lifestyle again! But, remember your actions will bring consequences, both for you and your family. Your best course of action, which will work with this moon phase is acceptance. We are all passing through a three-step process, retreat, reset and rebirth. Culminate  patience, accepting not only that there are many reasons for the confinement we are all enduring, but that also that our lifestyles of a few months ago are gone, and following your rebirth you will face a different world, a new lifestyle and what you want and will accept will have changed dramatically.

You can also work on lifting your vibration. This means becoming positive, to begin to resonate at the new frequency of energy which we are moving towards. This should be a time of happiness, of love and of peace, which may seem odd when so much fear and suffering is happening, but, this is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, and when enough of us lift our vibration this transition period will end, again when, is up to all of us. Your input matters a lot more than you know. Find peace within yourself, accept that we are all one, after all there is no one on Earth who this situation is not touching, and then start understanding that you chose to be here for this moment, that you really matter and that your mission is to be a pioneer in the new world, you do this by beginning to love yourself, all other people and to also love being alive.

So although this New Moon brings you frustration and more of the same, it is also a massive opportunity for you to begin to do your mission and become the person who you truly are, and when you have you will never look back, nor will you want the old World back.

Have a wonderful New Moon, consider your choices carefully in the next four weeks and begin to be accepting and to be excited for what is coming next!