New Moon in Gemini -2nd June 2019 June 02 2019


Today’s New Moon’s energy will encourage you to take a journey within to seek your own inner truths. What we believe shapes who we are, just as how we see ourselves projects an image of ourselves to others. This new moon asks you to look within and find out how many of your beliefs are your own and how many have been imposed on us through our family, our religion or our education. People are still working towards awakening and awakening to ourselves is essential, so we can see the illusions which are happening in the World.

This Gemini New Moon is also preparing you for the coming Full Moon which lies in the Fire sign of Sagittarius on 17th June. Sagittarian energy is optimistic and positive and strong, and if you adopt this mindset now, you will find June is a wonderful month for you. This moon is all about communication and connections. You will find that negative people fall off your radar, and people who have helped you in the past will start getting in touch again. The more people you can help during the next two weeks the better, as each time you say yes to someone, the more likely the Universe will say yes to your plans.  

The Sagittarius Full Moon later this month, will offer each of you a big chance to move forward in your lives, but the preparation starts now. This Gemini energy is 100% positive, what you need to do is to raise your vibration to match this energy and that watch as your life takes off!