New Moon Energy - Reveal! August 31 2019

The energy of the New Moon on 30th August has been very powerful, it will be influencing you at a deep level and allowing you to set your intentions for what is coming next in your life. This is a time to focus on yourself, but is there something blocking you? In selecting a card you will receive guidance on how you can free yourself. 

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if you selected a card from the photo please read on to see your message 

If you chose Card 1

You need to let go of your past and focus on your future, and of course, in the present moment. If you can do this then a lot of your fears associated with your past will leave you and you will have a better mindset to create the future, you require. Be careful not to be drawn into your past, as something may very well repeat or someone you left behind may return.  

If you chose Card 2

The Moon’s energy may be making you feel on edge. You could be feeling like something is about to happen, but you do not know what! These feelings will feel like they are your intuition, but really it is your own lack of ease with your current situation. Something needs to change, decide what it is and take action before the Universe does it for you.

If you chose Card 3

You may have experienced disruptions lately, this could be anything from travel delays or cancellations to life-changing events. This phase is clearing out your life to make way for something new, try and go with the flow and have faith that everything happens for a reason. Remember your choices create your future, think about what you want next carefully.