Libra Full Moon April 07 2020


Tonight’s Full Moon lies in the constellation of Libra. This is a good moon! It is placed in the sign of balance, and it indicates to you that now you need to release the old life that you used to live a few weeks ago, and embrace the moment which is now. We are not yet ready to move forward, but we are ready to pause, accept and release. Perspective is everything at the moment. You are not deprived of anything, you have your home, you have those who live there with you and you have access to the food shops and the chemists. You are staying in, and if you are alone and not in contact with other people, you have the opportunity to really know yourself, to see just what you are capable of and how strong you really are. The Full Pink Moon, will encourage you to count your blessings, to see what really matters to you, and equally important who means the most to you. You are adjusting, you have had to become teachers, nurturers, and self-sufficient and you should be very proud of yourself for this. If you are a key worker, you are doing a wonderful thing for which you will be rewarded.

For many years I and other lightworkers have been trying to prepare people for this event. Now it is here, you need faith, in your beliefs, your government and your own abilities. You will be seeing many posts on Facebook, conspiracy theories, reasons for what is happening now, and fingers being pointed at people or countries which allowed this to happen. Try and read these with an open mind, this type of post belongs in the old world. Respect yourself, stay at home, and become balanced again, the wait will soon be over, and this moon indicates the midpoint of the cycle, and now it is all about perspective and balance. Lose your fear, release the past and simply be.

Meditate during this Moon phase, ask your Guides for direction and hand your worries over to them.

Stay strong, and focused.