How will the November Super Moon Affect You? November 12 2016

There will be a Super Full Moon on November 14th. If you have clear skies then this moon will be large, bright and very beautiful. But, as with all Full Moons it will affect you emotionally. This moon is in the earthy sign of Taurus, this energy will highlight the home, relationships and family connections. This Super Full Moon will also make you focus on your spiritual journey, if you have made choices or changes to your path in the last two weeks then now you will need make tweaks to your lifestyle to accommodate your added belief system.

But how else will this moon affect you?

You will read that this moon is called the Moon of Doom, this is not due to catastrophic events which are about to happen, it’s because this moon will make you feel bleak in your outlook for the planet and mankind. This is because of the location of the fixed star Algol, the most feared star, it will make you feel like the end is nigh!

In Relationships:

If you are struggling to hold together a relationship or a friendship, then this moon will make the rift between you too wide to hold on to any longer. If it has become an effort to engage a person in communication, then now is the time when you will just decide that you have had enough! It is the perfect time to let go of these connections which have run their course and time for you to start reflecting on your own needs and intentions. This moon says put yourself first! So, if a relationship or friendship makes you drained, worried or distressed, hit the block button and get on with your life, it will be like a weight has been lifted from you and you will reclaim your energy and your power.

On A Personal Level

If you have made changes to your life, your work, your spirituality or your home especially in the last two weeks, then, now you will need to change things around in your life to make the changes smoother. Watch out for parent/child relationships too, they may be an increase in tension there which could erupt into a drama which can be avoided. Most of all, Stay Calm, there have been changes very recently especially in the United States which have caused many people to fear the future, but, remember the Moon of Doom’s influence, perhaps things will work out better than you are anticipating, as Taurus is a mellow sign and relates very much to the home and in global terms the security of your own country, so maybe right now things are as they are supposed to be.

Step outside on Monday evening and gaze at the biggest and brightest moon you will see until 2034 and make a wish for stability, order and peace in the World, if enough people do then a miracle may happen.