Have You A Wish? Leo New Moon will Manifest it! August 11 2018

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo.

This Eclipse season has been filled with big energetic shifts, add this to this year’s opening Lionsgate Portal and you will have shifted your perspective of life dramatically already! And it's not quite over yet! Tomorrow is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo. Finally, this is an eclipse which will realign your energy and help you absorb all the upgrades and light codes that you have been receiving during the last few months. If you have been following the energy and the moons, you should be beginning to feel fabulous now, the lethargy and heavy energy will no longer be pulling you down and you may be feeling like there is nothing you cannot do! And this is actually true, you can be who you want to be!

This New Moon will make you want to shake up your life! Are your daily routines taking your life where you want it to go? What can you change which will change your happiness and successfulness? Also, expect to receive information that will shatter an illusion which you have created, or which you are influenced by. This will liberate you.

This is the time for new ideas, so listen to your thoughts and inspirations. You may find old dreams from the past are popping back into your thoughts, what was not possible back then may very well be very practical for you now!

Have you ever wished upon a falling star? This week you can wish upon hundreds if you have clear skies and head to a spot which has dark skies! The Perseid Meteor shower is a cosmic light show which happens annually in August. This celestial spectacle is worth going out after dark for. If you lie on the ground, look up and allow your eyes a few minutes to adjust to the night sky, you will be rewarded with a heavenly fireworks display! New moons are all about New beginnings, and this Eclipse New Moon will give extra power to your intentions. This is a manifestation period for everyone, the main elements in the astrological chart for this moon are fire and earth, this will magnify your visions of the future and make things change so you can create your current thoughts. The downside of this moon is it may heighten negative thoughts, so you can acknowledge them and push them away, make sure you do this as it is your thoughts and vision that are creating, make sure you are thinking about what you want and not what you don’t want!

Spells for this month are about setting your intentions or making a wish! if you would like help to do this you can be added to my own New Moon rituals. If you are interested please click the link below, there is a donation of £5 approx. $6.40 USD to be included, the donations will be used to fund the upkeep of the Facebook page and to offer people who are without free readings and energy work. Please add your intention or the plan you would like to manifest to your order.

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I really hope you enjoy the New Moon Solar Eclipse and that you take the time to watch the Perseid Meteor shower!

Happy Wishing!