Full Moon Ritual To release Negativity December 12 2016


Traditional Full Moon Ritual for releasing toxic Energies

You will need:

A bowl of Water

A White Candle

A black Pen

A piece of paper

Before you begin shower or bathe without washing, imagine the water is light which is cleansing your body

Perform this ritual outside on the night of the Full Moon

The Ritual

Light your candle and walk three times in an anticlockwise circle around the spot where you will perform the ritual.

Sit and gaze at the moon or the sky is you have cloud

Write on the paper what you are ready to release, this can be people. Relationships, your job, your home, sadness, poverty, bad health anything which holds you in the past.

Read your list aloud

Burn the paper and place it in the water,

When the paper has burned drop it in the water. And throw the water and ashes. Paper on the ground.

Give thanks to the moon and the gods.  

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