Full Flower Moon Card Reveal May 19 2019

Did you choose a card? If so, then please read on to receive the guidance that is for you! The Full Flower Moon has stirred up memories and created situations in which you have had a chance to face a fear and release it. Some of these memories and fears may have come from your Past Lives as these will have been deeply buried in your cellular memories and you may be wondering why you are having the thoughts you are having. To help you with this, I have decided to offer the Past Life Reading again. Please click here to read a sample of a Past Life Reading and then click here to book one for only £12.99 approx. $16.52 USD.

Enjoy your guidance! 

If you chose Card 1

You have begun to open a doorway which will bring to you all of the things you really want! Now, you have opened the door, but you have not begun your journey yet, and to reach this garden of abundance you will need to make some changes in your life. If you are prepared to release, to change and to face your limiting fears, then the way forward will become clear to you. You can choose to close this doorway of opportunity, but if you do, then you may always be wondering “What if!”


If you chose Card 2

You are self-limiting. You are allowing fear and anxiety to control your choices, and this is restricting your progress and your happiness. Ask yourself, what are you really afraid of? What would be so bad that you would not want to take a chance for happiness, or what is preventing you from speaking your mind and expressing your anxiety? It is most likely that the energy of the Full Flower Moon has highlighted a fear and you are now having to face it. If so, bravely do so, you will probably find it is something and nothing!


If You chose Card 3

You are standing on the verge of a chance to gain knowledge and respect from your peers. You may think that you do not need the pressure that this would bring, but also it would be nice to be in the position of being respected by others wouldn’t it? This Full Moon is pushing you to take the next step, whether this is in your spirituality, your work, your relationship or your learning. It is up to you to make the next move, should you choose to better yourself in some way, then the opportunity to do so will appear out of the blue.