Free Reading for the Scorpio Full Moon! April 30 2018

Here is the reveal for the Scorpio Full Moon free reading! It seems a lot of people are struggling with this intense energy and may be feeling lost or anxious if so you will be interested in a Brand New and Original Indigo Witch Tarot Reading the BELTANE 7. This reading is designed to separate what you think you want from what you really need, it will show you what to release and what you need to embrace and help you find your true path in life where peace and happiness can be found. Click Here to read more. 

If you chose Card 1:

You seem to place a high value on the connection you hold with other people and you will also feel that you need to have a partner in your life to share things with and as a companion as well as a lover. Your desire to have support shows a lack of faith in yourself, you can cope with anything life throws at you and independence is a sign of strength which should be embraced!

If you chose Card 2:

You are on a spiritual journey, you may not be consciously aware of this at the moment, but you are awakening! You could be feeling lost as if you are unsure of your direction both spiritually and in life. The hidden mysteries of the Universe will begin to capture your imagination, be open and look deeper into things and you will realise nothing is as it seems.

If you chose Card 3

You seem to have a need to hoard at the moment! This could be money, or possessions or perhaps friends! This is mine! Describes your energy at the moment! This is a good thing as in the past you may not have appreciated all that you had. Hold on tightly to everything that you believe is yours, look into savings, investments or pensions so that you can grow your money and appreciate the people who are in your life, they are all there for a reason.

If you chose Card 4

A message is on its way to you which brings good news! This will elevate any pressure or stress you are feeling and restore your happiness levels. If you have been waiting for news then it will be better than you are expecting. The more positive you can be at this time, the higher your vibration will be, try and laugh a lot and feel love for everyone whom you meet.

If you Chose Card 5

You may be feeling a little possessive at the moment, you seem like you may be feeling the need for control. This control may be within a certain situation rather than with a person. You are probably feeling frustrated, like you have lost direction, if so then the power of this moon is asking you to look in a different direction, a change in perspective is needed quickly!

If you Chose Card 6

You may feel like you are a bit needy at the moment like you need support, but the support may be lacking! This Moon is indicating that you have all you need to handle anything! Being more sociable will grow your confidence and self-esteem, try your hardest to chat with everyone that you come into contact with – they are all in your life for a reason, even if you find their company difficult!