FREE Collective Reading 4th October 2016 October 04 2016

Relax, Close your eyes for a few seconds, when you open your eyes look at the photo of the three card and see which one you are drawn to.Add card's number to the comments, click link to reveal.  .


If you chose Card 1

Are you starting accept the limitations which you have placed upon yourself by your choices and actions of the past? If so, then you are becoming a wiser person. Acceptance is the first step in the process of changing things, this is a very large step in setting yourself free from limitations, financial restraints or an unhappy relationship. If you act from controlled emotion rather than your instincts, then you will begin to see a clear way forward opening up.

If you chose Card 2

Are you feeling as if fate has a hand in your life, like you are being led in a particular direction by what seems like an unseen force? If so, stop and think for a moment, is this the case or are you simply drifting, submitting to other people’s ideas and not following your own desires? Try thinking about what you want from your life and setting goals for yourself and then watch as things change!

If you chose Card 3

Do you like to be inventive and different? If you like to stand out from the crowd, then now is your chance to shine. If you chose this card then your ideas, your style and your belief system is leading you to realize that being yourself is the best possible thing which you can do. The opinions of others will mean less than they used to and free thinking will become more appealing. Be yourself and you will find the happiness which you may have lost recently.