FREE Collective Reading 26th October 2016 October 26 2016

This is a six-card collective reading! Chose one card from the top line: 1, 2 or 3 and then one from the bottom line: a, b, or c. Then click the link and read both reveals.

The top line is your current situation the bottom line will give you advice with the best direction forward!


Card 1:

Challenges come in many different guises. Currently, you are being challenged by your thoughts, your emotions or your ability to communicate your plans. You may be caught up in a contest of wills in a relationship or perhaps you feel like you are not getting what you want from a certain situation or person. Have you communicated your thoughts with those who seem challenging or do you fear rebuff so keep your hopes and thoughts to yourself?


Card 2:

How much of yourself have you been giving up for the sake of your family? If you chose card 2, then, it is likely that you have been sacrificing yourself to receive the love and contentment which being in the company of others can bring. But, what of your own personal path? Have you given up on your dreams and goals to be the homemaker? If so, you may be feeling that you have been let down or overlooked as others are having all the fun!


Card 3

Many people are nurturing, some even Earth mothers. How do you feel when you meet someone who has a beautiful home, perfectly behaved children and a strong marriage? Perhaps you have neglected the nurturing side of yourself or you feel that you give all the time and never receive anything back for you kindness. Feeling used is perhaps one of the hardest emotions to deal with, as often, if you have been working in a certain way for some time without complaining then others believe you are happy in that role and assume you do it because you want to.


Bottom Row- the Path Forward

Card a)

Doing things with others will uplift you, perhaps you have been working or spending time alone and the lack of company may have made you feel lonely and frustrated. It is time to mingle, contact your friends and arrange a get together or look to change your job so that you can work as a part of a team again. Other people’s ideas and opinions will help you see clarity in your own life and having fun is a tonic as laughter is the best medicine, it is time you enjoyed life more.


Card b)

Many people fear change. There is security in the familiar, however boring your job is or if you know your relationship is over and yet you hold on because it is better than nothing. But, change happens constantly and embracing change will save the rug from being pulled from under your feet. Look at your life, is everything in it happening as you think it is or are you ignoring an issue which will lead to someone else making changes for you? Seize this chance to be honest with yourself and begin creating the life you would like to be living today.

Card c)

Many people find showing their emotions difficult, others are too open about their feelings and will weep at the slightest thing. Where are you on the emotional balance scale? If you assess how you deal with complications in your life then you will recognize a pattern, once you notice how you demonstrate your anger, frustration or happiness then you can see if you need to hold back a little or be more open. When you get it just right your sense of well-being will be perfect.