Example of a Three Card Reading with a Spirit Message September 15 2019


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You have recently had success, you have set a goal and reached it. This has been achieved by your hard work and creativity. But what is next? You have proved to yourself what you can achieve when you are under pressure, but can you maintain that energy whilst you are more relaxed? it seems that you need to be motivated by need, and you keep creating a repeating pattern so that you can prove to yourself you are able to be creative and capable. Your next goal should be to maintain your current level of production when the pressure is not on! If you do that you will bring more balance into your life and your enterprises, as well as your finances.  You are on the brink of a breakthrough in another area of your life, this seems to relate to a family or home matter. You have been struggling with a frustrating situation and you have asked the help of a mature man. This decision will change things very quickly, you will suddenly see you are making progress and that movement is happening. The intervention of this gentleman will be at a level which you have been struggling to reach. He will approach the situation from a completely new angle. Choosing him was an inspiration, so keep pressing forward, you are very nearly at the point where everything will begin to move.

You will be feeling very sensitive; you may be feeling a little paranoid, you will feel like you are being excluded in a place or from a group which you are normally welcomed into. It is most likely that you have lifted the veil of illusion surrounding this situation or place and now you are seeing things for what they really are. Financial planning will be something else you will be considering, planning ahead really would remove a lot of your stress in all areas.

Spirit Message.

A lady in spirit would like to speak with you, this woman is your mother. She says her name was Patricia or Pat, and that she worked in healthcare. She was ill for many years before her passing, but she maintained a positive attitude and routine and continued working until she was forced to retire. She says to you that she is proud of you. You are about to champion a cause which is affecting you and a member of your family, but also many other people who are not being heard. You can be volatile, and this is not beneficial, if you could remain calm and get your point across you will get much further faster. You are immensely gifted, and your spirituality helps you a lot more than you realize. Continue to learn she says, continue to fight, your goal is in sight and your plan will work. She says she walks with you often, but your father is the one you see in your dreams, remember we are here, and we walk with you. An argument is brewing be prepared, wear a thick skin as you will shake quite a few people’s cages! And finally, someone will try to bring you down, rise about them, stay back and do not listen or let them touch you and you will be fine. Much love always.

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