Energy Update - October October 13 2018

October is the most spiritually active months of the year, even people who choose not to be sensitive to the Spirit World will sense presences and feel like they are not alone. The veil between the worlds thins and spirits who choose to do so, walk on the Earth Plane once more. The nights are drawing in and by Halloween in the UK, the clocks will have gone back an hour and it will be dark by tea time! When the darkness falls early, and the wind is howling outside our thoughts naturally turn to things which are unexplained.  The house creaking suddenly becomes more threatening and the howling gales sound like banshees wailing. But why does our mindset change during October?

Many people enjoy Autumn, the changing colour of the leaves on the trees, the freshness of the air and the smell of chimneys and bonfires which lie heavy in the air, dark and cosy nights lie ahead. But, it is the combination of change, which many people fear, and the energy of the October Full Moon, which is always very powerful, combined with Halloween which brings on the jitters.

This year the Full Moon falls on October 24th, exactly a week before Samhain. The veil has already begun to thin, as the New Moon which has just passed has kick-started the October energy and has allowed the thinning process to begin. The Full Moon will lie in Taurus and it is already creating an aura of background tension and anxiety which will only heighten as the rest of October plays out. Of course, there is a positive side too! If you began something new at the October New Moon, then this Full Moon will connect you with like-minded souls who will progress your vision further.

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