December Tarotscopes! December 02 2018

Here are December's Tarotscopes! I hope you enjoy them! 

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December Tarotscopes


December will start with happiness for you, you will be feeling like things are really looking up, especially in an ongoing situation. Enjoy this period, as Christmas approaches you will find your stress levels will rise dramatically!  Try and find some space for yourself, look within and try to find the elusive peace that you need. Everything will work out fine and becoming stressed may lead to you getting a cold or other small infection. Take care and plan carefully.


You may feel like life is against you as December begins, each way you try to make progress you will feel like you are being knocked back. This is simply your perspective, perhaps you are hoping for too much too quickly! Pacing your expectations will allow you to see things much clearer and find the direction you really should be taking. You will have the chance to learn something new, this may not begin until the New Year, but it will give you a new direction.


You will charge into December like a lion! Your energy and well-being should be high, and you will be quite excited for Christmas! But, some of you may not be feeling so great, in which case some rest is needed and some patience whilst your issues are sorting themselves out! As the month progresses your focus will shift to your home and you may be moving furniture around or buying something new for your house! This will be a good month for you but try not to be too extravagant!


If you are determined, nothing will stop you! But, have you the drive and focus you need now or are you feeling a little lackadaisical? As December begins you could feel frustrated, this will be uncomfortable and may make you angry. During the second week, you will have a choice to make, if you choose the right course of action, your determination and focus will be restored! This decision may seem minor, but look out for it, it is a bit deceptive!


It is time for you to begin releasing the anger, hurts and frustrations that you have experience during 2018, so you can begin the new year with a clean slate! There has been a lot happening, you will feel that at times you have been rejected or not supported and that you have tried new things and not been successful. Release all these and be grateful for the experiences they offered you, remembering, they serve you no more. You will be busy in December, you will be juggling your time so that you can do all you need to. You may travel or see someone else off who is going away for the holidays, but this will give you a much needed break!  


It is time you decided whether something you are caught up in or pursuing is worth the effort! Something has been bringing you down and now it is time for you to walk away. There is a world of opportunities out there for you and this situation or anxiety has taken far too much of your energy already. Your message for December is live and let live! Focus on yourself and your own family, as for this month, that is all that matters! The New Year will see you stretching your wings, but for now simply be.



You may start December feeling like you are struggling! Your self-esteem is low due to situations beyond your current control and this has begun to wear you down. A small act of kindness will boost you up again and this will be followed by some quite good luck. Some financial planning would be good for you now, so you can see you have enough and a little to spare as well! You could do with a rest, so try and schedule in some downtime this month so you are fully restored for the holidays. After a shaky start, December could be your best month this year!


You will feel like there is a deception going on at the beginning of the month, but this is a bit of an illusion! Things are rarely as they seem and this is a clear example! Try and stay calm, step back and see what develops, it will not be what you are expecting! There will be new opportunities coming so be tolerant this month and wait! Things have been changing rapidly behind the scenes much is going on, bide your time, when things start happening, they will happen fast! You are very deep and spiritual. Remember this, as many changes will begin in that area first.


You may be feeling a little guarded, particularly in a financial situation! But do not worry everything will work out well for you and you will have learned a lesson along the way! Your bounce will return in a few days when a deception will be revealed, this will prove to you that you have been right all along! Someone from the past will re-enter your life this month and you may not welcome this reconnection! As a Sagittarian, you can easily detach and move on, and this person will try and to pick up where they left off! I feel they may be in for a surprise! Once your plan comes together there will be no stopping you!


Oh dear! There may be some tension around at the moment and you could feel like you are reaching the end of your tether! This tension may lead to an argument soon, which will clear the air a lot! Remember, words spoken in anger can be hard to retract, so do think before you speak! Rifts over the holiday season are not good! Ask yourself why you are feeling so angry? The answer may provide you with a new path forward! Someone would like to ask you something which will make you very happy, try not to carry anger with you as they may not ask and that would be a shame.


What a wonderful month this will be for you! You will have success, even if this is in a small personal matter, it will still be a success, so do try and feel proud of yourself! A woman with a fiery temper and a sharp tongue will cross swords with you, but you will be feeling mellow and laid back and much as she tries, she will not ruffle your feathers! The one drawback this month will be that you will find it hard to express your feelings and emotions! Keeping things inside will keep the peace, especially at home, but at some point, it will all come out! Try and stay open and expressive all month and you will have a fabulous time!


You may be feeling anxious as December begins! This will be fleeting, but whilst you do feel worried, try and work out why! It seems your worries are coming from the past and not by a current issue as you think, be aware of this and once you are all tension will drop away.  A visitor will come unannounced mid-month, and this will bring you joy! You will feel burdened as the holiday season is approaching, try delegating some tasks to others or perhaps not being so generous with your time? If you keep a realistic schedule you will find December to be surprisingly pleasant.