December Energy Report December 01 2018


Currently, there is a large energy shift which is affecting everybody. You may have noticed some of the following symptoms this shift has been causing, you may have been experiencing:

Bodily aches and pains

A scratchy throat, and either a running nose or congestion but no associated cold

A detached feeling, like life, is going on around you but that you are separated

Feeling down or anxious


Muscle tension

Excessive hunger

This energy shift is affecting our pineal gland, third eye and our chakra systems. You will find that your belief system will change, your current path will no longer be what you want to do and your hopes and dreams for the future will be new and different. This will all happen naturally once this energy wave has been absorbed. On a World-wide scale, the Earth will make a shift too, there will be Earthquakes, extreme weather and storms, this is all expected and although it will affect many people’s lives and homes, it will pass. Add to this Mercury being in retrograde in Sagittarius and you may have begun to wonder what is going on!

If you would like to work with this energy and absorb it into your life quicker then try:

Listen to your body- If you are hungry, eat! If you are tired rest! If you feel confined walk outside!  

Drink plenty, it is important to be hydrated.

Listen to your thoughts, do you feel worse when you think of a situation or person?

This exercise will help you absorb the energy.

Stand up straight, stretch both your arms above your head and connect your hands in the prayer position. Imagine a beam of light radiating down to you and as you lower your hands, still in the prayer position, touch your third eye and bring them to rest at your heart chakra. You will feel peaceful and calm. Keep doing this until you feel balanced again.

Once you accept and begin to absorb this energy you will feel great and you will have clarity about the way forward, but if your symptoms persist, please do seek a medical professional’s opinion.