Beltane Tarotscopes. May 01 2022




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You may feel challenged, as sudden unpreventable events have brought you some mixed energy. Sometimes things happen, and although you enjoy order, there is a purpose, even if at the moment you cannot see what it is. You will begin to learn a lot, mainly about yourself as this season progresses, but once Summer arrives you will be back in control and happier. You will also realise how loved you are, and that is a plus.


You are under an illusion, you think that what you see is what you get, but as is often in life, there is much more going on behind the scenes that you know. Once you understand this and begin to dig deeper than you currently are, you will begin to dispel the illusion you have created. This could make you emotional, but it will also be a relief. Some financial planning will help you to do the things you want in the Summer, with thought it is all possible.


You have begun a new journey, this is perhaps a spiritual or mental mission rather than a physical endeavour, and it will be an amazing success. You will need to work hard, but this will be easy for you, so long as you have a goal in mind that you would like to reach. You will feel abundant through the Summer, and you will find peace in nature, listening to the birds sing and watch the bees busily doing their work. You will be busy, but the simple things in life really are the best.


You are very deep and meaningful, highly adept spiritually and quite humble about your abilities, as to you they are quite natural. Unfortunately, not everyone behaves or acts in harmony with your beliefs, and this can lead to you feeling let down or deceived by others. You may experience a small deception in May, try not to blow this out of proportion. If you do, you will find that you feel limited. Try and stay calm, and even laugh at this situation, lets face it, it could have been much worse!


You are filled with a determination to succeed, in an area of your life that you feel you have been lacking. For many of you this will be a financial goal, and in true Sagittarian style, you will learn about how to make more then put the plan in to action. There is nothing you cannot do, as long as you do the research and believe in yourself. A message will bring you good news, which will lift your vibration and help you to overcome any lingering doubts or allow you to break away from conformity and to do things your own way!



This will be a lucky phase for you, and you may feel like fate has a big hand in your life as things start to go your way with very little effort from you! Strangely, instead of enjoying this good fortune, you may start to question it, and overthink the energy which surrounds you. If you do this, then you may find things grind to a halt, and as if everything could potentially go wrong. Recognising the power of your thoughts is very important right now, accept everything offered and simply enjoy this time.



You feel like you have a lot on your plate, and actually you do! You should remember that you have agreed to take all of these things on, at some point in the past, and you have done so willingly, could it be time for a review of your obligations, and also a chance for you to delegate some work to others? You may need a doctor or dentist check-up; this is nothing to worry about, but it is something worth getting out of the way for your own peace of mind.


You will find you seek your own space, and you will long to just have five minutes to yourself. Any time you can get to simply be, will not be time wasted. You will have a celebration, wedding or christening to attend which will be much more enjoyable than you think it will be. Balance is essential this summer, not too much time alone, and not too much time in the company of others. Find that balance and you will find happiness.


Your Summer will revolve around happiness and joy, as long as you do not adopt a victim mentality especially where a man is concerned. This gentleman could be a boyfriend, a boss, or an acquaintance, but how you deal with an upcoming situation will determine how the event will affect you long term. If you can rise above this and fight your natural urge to lead in all situations which relate to your own happiness, you can detach yourself and act in a way which will turn things to your benefit. Money is coming, be ready to accept.


You are a very spiritually gifted person, and yet sometimes you fight your intuition, or doubt the signs that you are receiving. Many people strive for a lifetime to gain the abilities that you naturally have, this Summer you would be wise to tune in and use your abilities to their full potential. You can be over emotional, and you could slip into being overdramatic if you allow yourself, accept things as they are, especially if this involves someone moving forward in their life without you.


Who doesn’t enjoy a challenge? There is nothing you enjoy more than getting your teeth stuck into a new project or a problem which has others stumped! You have been doing this lately, but now, you feel stilted and stagnant as you have not yet found the next issue that you want to resolve, or next goal that you would like to reach. The answer to this lies in planning, if you can plan, you will relieve your frustration and allow your energy to flow again.


Hard work is something which you enjoy, especially around your home and garden. You are more house proud than other signs, and you also love to have a pretty and tidy garden. You will enjoy a good Spring clean and now the garden is ready for tending you will feel in your element! Currently you are in a good place, you will be busy, but you enjoy being busy, and you will begin to vibrate much higher and to encourage more happiness to you. Do not worry about being deceived, simply enjoy living at your own pace in your own way.