A Three Card Reading with Spirit Message April 10 2019

 Example THREE CARD READING with Spirit Message 

Question: I am having trouble with my son’s school and I am thinking of homeschooling or flexi-schooling (where he will go to school part-time and homeschooled the other days), what will be best for him?

You have been struggling without any support for some years, you have bravely faced every issue and always fought for the best that you can get for him. You have some alternative views, which are contradictory to the system, and because of this, you earn respect and also some resentment from the authorities. You have made sacrifices and you have been driven to seek the best for your child. He has struggled with academic work since he began school and the lack of support has led him to fall behind.

There is good news coming, you will be approached by a lady who has experience in the issues your son and you are experiencing. This lady will be a highly regarded professional, and, most likely, you will meet her away from her daily work in a more social situation. She will support you, and she will offer services and help from areas which you have not known about which will help you son in the long term.

You will likely decide to change his education arrangement, but you may not commit to homeschooling completely straight away. You will have a meeting with the school, this meeting will offer you the chance to clear up any misunderstandings and set a plan forward. Once you have obtained all the reports that have suddenly become available to you, then you may decide a different course of action would be better. You will have plenty of options, so it would be prudent to look before you leap!

Spirit Message

Your message comes from a lady in spirit, she is short, a little chubby and says her name is Pat. She laughs and says her best feature was her shapely legs, but this lady has an open and wide heart which far exceeds any physical feature that she had. She was a hard-working woman, she was a healer and most likely was a nurse of a doctor in her life. She was quite conventional, and says she only use a computer when she had to for her work! She says she passed before her husband, and that she suffered a lingering illness for 13 years before she went. Her condition was maintained with medication, which suddenly stopped working, she lost weight rapidly and her passing followed quite quickly. Her message is this:

You have never conformed, from a child, you would do what you felt was right for you, rather than what you were expected to do. She says that she knew you would always come up smelling of roses whatever unconventional project you took on, or where ever in the World you traveled. She says that you have great resilience and insight into life, and you work constantly to make other people’s lives better. In this issue you keep finding history repeating itself, you move away from the situation and then you find it happens again where you have gone. It is time to break the cycle, and you will do this by using facts and logic. The battle has been long and at times hard, but you keep persisting for what is right. Finally, you have the support that you need and it came just at the right time. Schedule a meeting and take with you a dark-haired lady who is connected with the school. Arm yourself with all the facts and then you will find the options you seek will be offered to you and a plan will be formatted. This will be a personal victory, you will make the right choices and you will break the cycle and learn the lesson that this experience has given you. You will feel vindicated, and the path forward will open for you. You have met an angel she says in the form of the lady who you connected with, not all of them have wings she says.

Keep going, you will succeed, and your son will grow into an intelligent and happy man, all thanks to your endeavors.

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