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Relax. look at the picture of the three cards, chose the one which you are most drawn to and add your choice to the comment. Click the link and read your message.



Card 1

If you chose card one you will be feeling like fate is intervening in your life, but, is it? It is more likely the choices which you have made lately have set in motion the events you are experiencing now. Luck comes in phases for you, a run of good then maybe some not so good. If you are entering a good luck phase, then use your good fortune to your advantage!

Card 2

If you chose card 2 you will be creating obstacles which may not exist. Thoughts like I am too old, I am too unfit or I do not have enough money will start to restrict you in many ways. Only you can release the binds which your mind is creating, try and be conscious of what you are thinking and see if you can knock down the wall of restrictions you have created, then you will be able to do anything!

Card 3

There is nothing better than being able to work on a project which is all your own, you become yourself and no longer be a cog in a big wheel! Stepping out on your own takes courage, lately you will have been feeling better about your work, some additional praise will come soon, be prepared for a new opportunity to shine.